Add Authorization (Replaces Add Codes)

  • Full-Term Summer 2024 classes with a start date of June 10th, 2024 remain open the first three days of the term. 
  • Classes filled on the first day of the term will require an Authorization to Add.
  • Authorization to Add may be obtained from the instructor.
  • Authorization to Add is at the discretion of the instructor on a space available basis to students who attend the first day of class.
  • Students authorized to add will see a blue ribbon "Approved to Add" on their Student Plan Schedule, and must click the register button to complete the enrollment.
  • Students are responsible to register by the last day to add course. Deadlines for short term and late starting classes can be found on the college home webpage.
  • An instructor may revoke an Authorization to Add, make sure to pay attention to instructor instructions.

Video Instructions


Registration Restrictions

Students cannot enroll in more than 7 units in the summer and/or winter,19 units in Fall and/or Spring without an approved Overload Petition. Students must seek overload permission from the Counseling Department.

Students cannot enroll in a class if they are enrolled in another section of the same course.

Students who have completed prerequisite coursework at another college must meet with a counselor to confirm transferability. 

In accordance with Title 5, Section 55201, students may challenge a prerequisite/co-requisite if they meet certain 
criteria. View Prequisite Challenge Form for additional information.

Students cannot enroll until all holds have been cleared. Contact the office that placed the hold.

Students who wish to enroll in a course for a third attempt, or after receiving a passing grade, must submit a petition form electronically. All notifications regarding the status of the petition request will be sent to the students' MyCOD email. 

Students who have received approval to repeat a course must follow the instructions sent to them via email. Students repeating a course for a third time, or after receiving a passing grade, will be unable to process their registration request through the Self-Service portal.  

Students cannot enroll in a class that conflicts with another course that overlaps in the published meeting time. Regardless of the length in overlap. 


For additional registration information, please contact the Admissions & Records office at (760) 773-2516 or via email at