High School Concurrent Enrollment

The concurrent enrollment program provides an opportunity for high school students to earn college credits at the College of the Desert (COD) before they complete their high school diplomas. Concurrent enrollment students are considered as part-time Special Admit Students. Admission is permitted with the recommendation of the student's high school counselor and principal (CA Ed Code 48800-48002 and 76000-76002).

Concurrent enrollment is a form of dual enrollment. For information about dual enrollment courses held on a high school campus under the College and Career Access Pathways program (CCAP), students should see their high school counselor and submit all application materials to the high school counseling office.

A new Concurrent Enrollment application must be submitted every term (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer).

High School concurrent enrollment students enroll during open enrollment and do not receive priority.

What courses can concurrent enrollment high school students take?

Concurrent enrollment students can apply for any college-level course listed in the COD schedule of classes. Students can take

  • Courses required for career education certificates or associates degrees

  • Courses that can be transferred to universities

  • Music or theatre performance courses that require auditions

  • Courses that require instructor approval (for example, VSO).

  • Online courses

What is the criteria to apply for concurrent enrollment?

  1. Be enrolled in high school between grades 9-12. For summer enrollment, students who have just graduated are not eligible.

  2. Have a cumulative high school cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher. If your cumulative GPA is below 3.0, a letter of recommendation from a counselor, principal, or teacher must be submitted with your concurrent enrollment application.

What are the charges for concurrent enrollment?

Tuition and fees are complimentary, meaning tuition and fees are free to high school students. High school students only need to purchase books, supplies, and a parking permit, if needed.

How do I sign-up for courses?

Concurrent Enrollment Complete Checklist

  1. Review the class schedule with your high school counselor and choose a course

    • Students can take up to 11 credits (fall and spring), 6 credits (summer), or 1 course (winter)

    • All courses must be approved by the college

    • Remember, for every one hour of lecture or lab, two hours of homework will be expected

  2. Go to Getting Started. Follow instructions to apply online to get a COD student ID #

  3. Clear any prerequisites (courses needed before enrolling in a more advanced course)

  4. Bring your unofficial transcript to the COD counseling office if you need assistance selecting English, math, or science courses

  5. Submit the High School Dual-Concurrent Enrollment Online Form Submission with:

    • All required signatures (student, parent, counselor, and principal)

    • Unofficial high school transcripts

    • Letter of recommendation if cumulative GPA is less than 3.0 from a school official

    • Copy of parent’s Home School Affidavit

      1. required for home schooled students

      2. not required for students taking courses through a charter school or private school registered with the California Department of Education

  6. Activate your MyCOD student email account. You will need to use your MyCOD email account when you communicate with COD faculty and staff members.

Students with Disabilities

If you have a documented disability, contact COD Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS). DSPS will determine your academic accommodations through an interactive process – not your high school or COD instructor. College academic accommodations may differ from your IEP or 504 plan. (P): (760) 773- 2534; (F): (760) 862-1329 dspsinfo@collegeofthedesert.edu

Special note to Parents

College of the Desert policies apply to all students, even those less than 18 years of age. COD accepts no responsibility for any extraordinary supervision; will not release information without the written consent of the student; and cannot alter course content. Your son/daughter will be exposed to a diverse population in educational programs designed for adult learners which may involve sensitive topics that might be considered controversial or offensive to some. Your signature on the application acknowledges your receipt of this information and stipulates your permission for your child to enroll in a college level course and participate in all required activities that may include field trips off-campus. All College of the Desert courses, including those taken by high school students via dual or concurrent enrollment, will appear on a COD transcript and become part of the student’s permanent collegiate record.

Questions for your HS counselor: NCAA eligibility and dual credit

College of the Desert cannot assist you with high school policies and procedures.

  • If you are a student athlete and are working with a high school counselor to record your NCAA eligibility, notify this counselor about the courses you intend to take at COD.

  • COD only awards college credit. Your COD transcript will be provided to your high school. Obtaining high school credit for COD courses must be approved by your HS district and is not guaranteed.

Theatre Arts Exception

Students who have auditioned and been accepted for a performing role in a theatre arts or musical production need only submit the COD Application for Admission, the completed High School Concurrent Enrollment Application and written permission from the appropriate COD Instructional Dean and a faculty member.