Complete Online Application

Please make sure to read the important information below before you complete the Online Admission Application.


The California Community College Chancellor's Office is requiring all community colleges to move to their Community College Common Admission Application that has been upgraded for a more user-friendly environment. Additionally, you will see a notable question that is a result of AB​620, this new admission application will collect information regarding the sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression of students that students may choose to provide.

To address privacy concerns all responses

  • will be voluntary
  • will be kept private and secure
  • will not be available to admissions personnel
  • will be used only for summary demographic reporting

The aim of AB620 is to learn as much as colleges can about who their students are so that the appropriate support services can be provided and to help shape a campus climate that is responsive to students' diverse needs.

Because this is a NEW admission application environment you will be required to 'create' an account. The previous admission application user name and password are no longer valid.

When to Submit an Application:

  • If you are a new student or you have applied for a previous term but never taken courses, You Must Apply.
  • If you are a current student enrolled in the current semester or attended the previous semester, You Do Not Need To Reapply.
  • If you are a returning student who missed only one (1) Fall or Spring semester, You Will Not Need To Reapply.
  • If you are a returning student who missed consecutive Fall and Spring semesters, You Will Need To Reapply.

Residency Information:

Residency determination is made in accordance with the information provided by the student on the admission application.

  • You will be sent a notice to the email account provided on the admission application when you have been classified as a non-resident.
  • You must complete and submit the Residency Questionnaire, along with the required documentation, by or before mid-January, for Winter Intersession or Spring semester in order to allow time for a decision before the start of the term.
  • Non-resident fees must be paid when students do not take the steps to submit the required Residency Questionnaire and documentation by the established deadline.

New Students

If you are new to College of the Desert, please complete the online Admissions Application

If you have attended another college or university, please order transcripts from your other college/university to be sent to College of the Desert. College of the Desert prefers to receive transcripts from other colleges electronically.

If you have attended another college and are New to COD, you will need to meet with a counselor to verify prerequisites and possibly waive orientation and the assessment test, even if you have submitted official transcripts to Admissions and Records (your transcripts must be on file prior to meeting with a counselor).

  • Apply for the correct term.
  • After applying, wait 48 hours to activate your @MyCod Student Portal - your Student ID number will be emailed to your COD email account.
  • You may also retrieve your Student ID number by logging into your @MyCod Student Portal, go to WebAdvisor then click on Student Profile.
  • Follow all of the Getting Started Steps to ensure you register On Time.
    All New Students Must Complete The Online Orientation Before Records Are Activated For Registration.

Returning Students

  • Apply for the correct term.
  • If you have changed your name since you last attended, complete your application under the old name on your student records. You may submit a Change of Information online via the @MyCod Student Portal. Click on AR Forms.
  • Verify that the Student ID number is the same as when you previously attended.
  • Your records will be activated for registration within three (3) business days AFTER you reapplied.

Concurrent Enrollment:

  • Students currently enrolled in high school may be eligible to attend COD.
  • The Concurrent Enrollment Application that includes instructions is found on the Admissions web page.

Dual Enrollment:

  • Students currently enrolled in high schools that participate in the Dual Enrollment Programs may be eligible to attend COD.
  • Students should visit their respective High School Counseling Office for information.

International Students:

Other Important Information You Should Know Before You Apply:

Providing Your Social Security Number

Your Social Security number must be accurate to ensure the integrity of your permanent record. It is used as a means of identifying records pertaining to students and to facilitate financial aid.

  • The Social Security number is required to claim tax credits for higher education costs known as the Hope Scholarship Tax Credit and Lifelong Learning Credit in accordance with the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997.
  • This information may be provided to the Chancellor's Office of the California Community Colleges for purposes of evaluating, auditing, and improving state education programs under California Law (Chapter 1458, stats. 1985).
Your information is protected by secure transmission and by the provisions of our privacy policy.

Financial Aid: Important Tips to Prevent Delays

  • Include your Correct Social Security number (SSN) when prompted on the application. If entered incorrectly, it Will Delay your financial aid award!
  • Select a major; not selecting a major Will Delay your financial aid. If you are not sure what major or goal to select, Stop Now and visit the Counseling Center before completing this application.

Choosing a Major

  • You must select a major. Use the drop down menu to select the major you are interested in.
  • If undecided, visit the Counseling Center Before you apply to College of the Desert.


Students must submit the admission application well before the term begins and before the Application Deadline found on the term dates page in the schedule of classes to request a Residency Determination in accordance with state regulations.