Log into MyCOD.us Student Portal​​​​​


MyCOD Login

Students will be emailed their unique MyCOD login credentials to access their account 24-48 hours after the online admissions application has been submitted. 

First-time users, or returning students, who have not logged in to Microsoft 365 will be required to set up their password recovery upon logging in for the first time.

Retrieving your Login Username

Use the button below to obtain your MyCOD credentials.

Example: username123@mycod.us

Default Password

The password will be CodMMDDYY (MMDDYY = your date of birth)
Example: January 2, 1981 would be 010281, making the password Cod010281. Please note: Passwords are case sensitive. You must use capital “C” and lowercase “od”. 

Setting Up Your Account

Use the button below to set up your account preferences on how you wish to change your password. This process will update your College of the Desert password for all services associated with your user account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Use the button below to see some of the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions for the MyCOD.us portal and email.