Attend Orientation


Complete the Online Orientation

The online orientation is available through the MyCOD Student Portal. This orientation is made up of modules accessible online with information regarding campus locations, academics programs, support services, and more!

Your registration priority will be activated one (1) business day after completing all modules of the online orientation.

Please note that the online orientation is mandatory for all NEW and TRANSFER students. For questions regarding your orientation or registration priority status, please contact the Counseling front desk by calling 760-773-2521.

Matriculation Exemption

Students may be exempt from orientation and/or the counseling/advising components of matriculation if they meet certain criteria. (Title 5 §55532) However, students will not be exempt from the admissions and follow-up components of matriculation.

The Matriculation Exemption must include your COD student ID number along with supporting documentation such as transcripts. Transcripts must be legible and contain the student’s and college’s name. You may also scan and upload any other documentation that you may think is necessary.

You will receive an email to your MyCOD email account notifying you of approval or denial. For questions regarding your matriculation exemption request, please contact the Counseling front desk by calling 760-773-2521.