Audit Courses

Audit Course Instructions

  1. Complete the Audit Course form.

  2. Obtain Instructor approval signature.

  3. Obtain Division Dean approval signature.

  4. Submit the Audit Course form at Admissions and Records with picture ID.

  5. Pay the $15 per unit fee at the Bursar’s Office on the first floor of the Cravens Student Services Center.

Audit Course Policy

  • No student will be allowed to submit Audit Course form prior to the published last day to add the course.

  • The deadline to audit a course is 5 days after the published last day to add the course.

  • Priority is given to students seeking credit for the course. Those seeking to audit the course are accommodated on a case by case basis and only if room allows.

  • Approval to audit a course will be at the discretion of the Instructor and the Division Dean.

  • Official records are not maintained for audit enrollments. Course is not recorded on transcripts.

  • A separate form must be filed for each course to be audited.

  • An individual auditing a course is a guest in the class and is held to the Student Code of Conduct guidelines listed the College Catalog.

  • The auditing student is not required to purchase a textbook or supplies.

  • The auditing student is not required to attend the course regularly or participate in the course.

  • Auditing a course does not fulfill prerequisite requirements.

  • A fee of $15.00 per unit will be charged to audit a course. However current students enrolled in 10 or more units shall not be charged a fee to audit 3 or fewer units per semester.

  • Students may not audit any course more than three times.

  • Auditing students shall not be permitted to change their enrollment in the course to receive credit.

  • Auditing students are required to purchase a parking permit to park on campus.

  • Auditing students who wish library privileges may receive them by completing the required library application at the Library Circulation Desk.

  • Labs connected to courses may or may not be available to students who audit. Students should confirm lab policy with the Instructor.