Chosen Name Request Form Information​

Where will my preferre​d name appear?

Please note that the College is currently unable to add the Chosen/Preferred Name to class rosters in WebAdvisor.  In the meantime, students can utilize the Advocate Letter to assist having this conversation with their class faculty.

Download Advocacy Letter (PDF)

Once this form is processed, your chosen/preferred name will appear in the following places:

  • Canvas

  • Upon request to Student Life students can have their preferred name on their student id cards.

College of the Desert is legally required to use legal names on all legal documents and contracts, including student bills, financial aid information, official and unofficial transcripts, enrollment verification, and other documents. Further, this process can only affect College of the Desert generated systems.

What if I want to make a legal name change or have made a legal name change?

Students interested in making a legal name change need to complete the Name Change Form​ and submit the required documentation as shown on the form to the Admissions and Records Office.