Technology Training

Various areas have been identified in which the district shall provide the members of the college community training opportunities in order to sustain quality instruction and services. Within our ranks, considerable talent exists that will serve as presenters during flex and other scheduled training sessions. The Information Technology department schedules monthly training sessions based on input from the annual staff survey regarding technology and training needs. Current training opportunities are identified below and descriptions are located in the Information Technology Training Catalog​.

  • ​​Accessibility and Universal Design

  • ​Adobe Products (Acrobat Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop)

  • ​Best Practices for Online Teaching

  • ​Camtasia

  • ​Canvas

  • ​Chancellor’s Office Tools (Datamart, Data-on-demand)

  • Colleague (Datatel)/Desktop ​UI/Self Service/Mobile

  • ​ConferZoom-Web conferencing

  • ​Dashboards

  • ​Data Security

  • Email

  • Emergency Management

  • Galaxy

  • Informer

  • ​LinkedIn Learning (used to be

  • ​Media (Classroom Media Projectors, Elmo, AV, Phones, Wireless Network)

  • ​Microsoft Office Products (Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Word, Visio, Office 365, Teams)

  • ​Microsoft Windows (Operating Systems, Maintenance, File Management)

  • Online Education Initiative (OEI)

  • ​​OEI Course Exchange

  • OEI Ecosystem Tools

  • Printer Services

  • Scantron

  • ​Vision Resource Center

  • ​Website (Student MyCOD Portal, SharePoint CMS for Campus Portal and Public Site)

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