Technology Master Plan Goal 1

Provide technologies to ​enhance and support the achievement of students' educational goals.

Objective 1.1

Expand use of API’s (i.e​., system interfaces and integrations) from all relevant data sources, to analyze data and provide information in a format that improves decision-making for educational and career goals.

Objective 1.2

Working with existing technology-related committees, identify emerging and innovative educational technologies to test and pilot for enhanced learning.

Objective 1.3

Working with departments,​ identify emerging and innovative technologies to test and pilot for improved services to students.

Objective 1.4

Test and pilot emerging ​​and innovative uses of mobile devices which improve services for students.​

Objective 1.5

Proactively work with application ​vendor to implement new functionality into existing planning and advising systems.​​​​​

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