Appendix III - COD's Social Media Management

The following summarizes current policies and guidelines regarding the college website, YouTube, and social media activity and content. (Links in this document which connect to documents housed on the campus portal will require users to log in to the portal which is limited to employees.)

COD Web​site

The Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA) is responsible for the “look and feel” of the college website. The OIA is also responsible for the “general information” pages such as the home page, the President’s Welcome, the About COD page, the campus map​, etc. The rest of the program-specific content is managed by each individual department.

The Public Relations Office​ is responsible for assisting in coordinating the content and consistency of design and branding of the college web, portal pages and social media. The branding guidelines for the college are detailed in the Brand Style Guide 2019 (opens PDF) and is posted on the college portal Public Relations page.


The College of the Desert YouTube page is a platform accessible by the public on which to post video about COD events, students, and activities. Items are posted to this page at the discretion of the OIA. Anyone wishing to include a video on the site can contact the OIA.


Access to the College of the Desert’s Facebook page requires the user to have his/her own Facebook account. The college Facebook page is a social media vehicle for promoting campus activities, encouraging student interaction, and general communication among campus constituents. Official posts from the college are handled by the Public Relations office and is monitored for appropriate content. Questions from users are routed to the appropriate campus office for accurate information and responses are then posted by the Public Relations office.

Creating a Facebook Page for Your Program

You may create your own department’s Facebook page. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. Have IT set up a generic email address for your program to use for your social media needs. For example, the PaCE program might use: Use that email address ​when setting up the Facebook page. When the page responsibilities need to shift to another person, it is easier if the FB page isn’t tied to an individual. Please use a generic password as well.

  2. When naming t​​he Facebook page, use “College of the Desert” followed by a unique name that will describe your area, for example, “College of the Desert TRiO EVC”.

  3. Contact the PRO to create a social media icon for your department.

  4. Select an image that represents your area to use as the banner photo.

  5. Your page must also list the Public Relations Office as an additional Administrator on your Facebook page. Use as our email address.

  6. ​Once your Facebook page has been set up, “like,” the main College of the Desert Facebook page, the PRO will “like” your page as well.

Instagram and Other Social Media

College of the Desert has ​an official College of the Desert Instagram account. To create your own department’s Instagram page, contact the Public Relations Office to discuss best practices and posting responsibilities. For all other social media account needs, contact the Public Relations office.​​

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