Technology Master Plan - Introduction

In 2004, a $346.5 million bond (Measure B), was successfully passed. This provided funds to improve and expand the district’s educational centers and to build new classrooms, computer labs, and science labs​ to accommodate expanded job training and academic programs. A measurable amount of these funds enabled COD to implement state-of-the-art technology equipment and infrastructure. In 2016, a $577.86 million bond (Measure CC) was successfully passed to continue these efforts. The acquisition of this technology and infrastructure with one-time money has created a need for a comprehensive Technology Master Plan to define a process to maintain and protect this substantial investment in technology.

This revised Technology Master Plan is an institutional approach to define an integrated process to sustain and advance the application and usage of technology and to protect COD’s investment in ​technology. This plan covers the five (5) year period from 2020 to 2025. As a living document, it is reviewed annually by the Information Systems and Technology Committee and updated as needed. It is revisited in its entirety at the end of the fifth year. The plan provides a framework for managing COD’s technology assets from one year to the next as new hardware replaces old, new software is introduced, new multimedia classrooms are added, the demands on the network increase, and pedagogical needs are identified. The purpose and scope of the Technology Master Plan is to allow flexibility, broader input into prioritization and acquisitions, and the ability to adapt to the changes and ​innovations in technology and circumstances in our community.​​

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