Funding and Budget Process

This Technology Master Plan is created with the understanding that the extent of implementation will be determined by the availability of funding resources. Failure to refresh the Technology Replacement component of this Plan for lack of funds or any other reason will render the entire Plan obsolete over the course of just one year. This will in turn jeopardize the District’s investment in technology.

It is critical when establishing budgets for procurement and acquisition of technology that a comprehensive approach is established which takes into account the total cost of ownership. As equipment ages, warranties expire, and to allow for maintenance and repair, recurrent licenses costs and fees, and other related expenditures, the Technology Master Plan aims to avoid a crisis/reactive management mode and instead foster a comprehensive and viable plan based on yearly assessments and review.

The following timeline and process is newly defined and will be used during the 20/21 budget development process.


IT identifies Technology Replacement needs for the upcoming academic year. Replacements are subtotaled by Instructional, Non-Instructional, and Infrastructure to help identify amounts that may be funded by various sources​​

​​March ​– April

IT meets with Fiscal Services to review the upcoming academic year’s Technology Replacement needs budget. The budget is reviewed and approved by the Vice President of Administrative Services and is brought before the Executive Cabinet for review and approval. The Technology Replacement needs budget is also brought to the Budget Sub Committee for review at this time.


Technology Replacement needs funding are identified and are included in the preliminary budget ​presented to Leadership and Board of Trustees.


The final budget is adopted by the Board of Trustees, which includes the Technology Replacement needs.

It should ​be noted that in addition to the general fund, the following are possible funding sources for the technology budget:

  • Foundation endowments

  • Instructional equipment fund

  • Perkins funds

  • ​CTE funds

  • Student success and support program funds

  • DSPS funds

  • Redevelopment agency funds

  • Guided​ pathways funds

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