What Technology Do I Need in Order to Be Successful in an Online Course?

​​Students should have their own computer and access at home to a reliable high-speed internet connection.

Students may also be asked to use a smartphone or printer in order to participate in the course; however, you cannot successfully complete an online course using just your smartphone.

Students also cannot reasonably complete an online course at a public library or by only attempting to complete the course from their workplace.

Any student planning to take an online course should possess the following basic computer skills BEFORE enrolling:

  • ability to use email, including attaching files
  • ability to navigate the web
  • ability to use Microsoft Office programs, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • know how to save a file in Portable Document Format (pdf)
  • you may also be asked to make videos, take photographs, or create other types of visual documents for your class​

Students at COD have access to a MyCod email account and Office 365, which allows them to download Office products for free or use them in the cloud: Get Started with Office 365

​Additional programs or software may be needed and should be specified by your instructor in the course syllabus is required.

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