Student Homestay Assistance

Providing excellent homestay services to College of the Desert's international students

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ISP Homestay Fact Sheet for COD Students

2022-23 ISP Homestay Fees:

$375 Placement Fee:

COD students are required to mark “Yes” to receive a host placement.

$80 Airport Pick-up Fee:

Optional service fee for COD students who require Palm Springs airport pick up through ISP.

Monthly Service Fee:

This fee does not apply to COD students. Please mark “No.”

Deposit Fee:

COD students are required to mark “Yes” to receive a host placement.

$75/$100 Late Fee:

COD students who are applying to ISP 21 days or sooner before their arrival are required to pay a late fee to receive a host placement.

Please note that students who apply for the homestay program with the help of representatives may pay different fees than those listed above. 

Homestay Options:

$825 per month

$1,100 per month

Breakfast and dinner provided every day.
Dinner prepared by host at least five nights per week.

ISP Homestay Services Overview:

  • An ISP local area coordinator who will personally assist students.
  • On call support services 24 hours, seven days a week for students in case of emergency.
  • Housing orientation for students.
  • Multi-lingual office staff to ensure all students are cared for.
  • Personal airport pick up service from Palm Springs Airports.

Contact ISP Homestays:

Phone: 1 (650) 947–8879

International Student Placements
199 First Street, Suite 305
Los Altos, CA 94022 U.S.A

Allyson Scarna, ISP Homestay Coordinator​​​​​