Renewing your Passport

All international students should maintain a valid passport throughout their stay in the United States. You are required to have a passport that is valid six months beyond your intended stay.

If your passport expires while you are in the US, you will likely be able to renew your passport in the US. This can be done through the local office of the Consulate or Embassy of your home country. Applications procedures will vary, so you are advised to contact your Embassy/Consulate directly to find out what the passport renewal procedures are and what documents are needed.

Many countries have local consulate offices in Los Angeles, making renewal an easy process for you. Others are located in Washington D.C. or San Francisco. The U.S. Department of State has a directory available of all consulate websites in the US. Please visit their website to begin your search for the nearest consulate for your home country.

The IEP office is also available to assist you with this process. The consulate may request an enrollment verification letter and/or transcript verifying your current status as a student. Our office will be happy to help you with these documents. In addition, you will need to be prepared to present a valid I-20 to the consulate.

Processes vary among the different offices so you are encouraged to check with your consulate directly for their application procedures.