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The Safe Zone Program

College of the Desert embraces our diverse community and strives to offer a supportive and safe environment for students, faculty, and staff. The Safe Zone at College of the Desert is a group of allies who are committed to providing education, advocacy, and safety to the LGBTQIA campus community.​​ 

COD's Safe Zone Faculty and Staff Ally List

​​​For more information about participating in a Safe Zone Ally training, please contact Cody McCabe​.

Last Name First Name Title
Acosta Marina Assistant Professor, Architecture
Alatorre Guadalupe Adjunct Instructor, Communications
Aleman Andrew Instructor, Sociology
An-Dunning Jin Reference Librarian
Avalos Maria Assistant Professor, Early Childhood Education
Barahona Elia Adjunct Faculty, English As A Second Language (Non-Credit)
Basye Heather Adjunct Counselor, Calworks
Bentley Beth Instructor, Business
Black Amber Assistant Professor, Sociology
Blais Bill Adjunct Faculty, American Sign Language
Bland DeAnne Admin Asst., Enrollment Services
Blaton Donna Instructor, Mathematics
Brooks Kimberly Full Time DSPS Counselor
Calderon Kendra Adjunct Faculty, Physical Education
Calderon Valerie Athletic Trainer
Camacho Kristie Instructor, English
Christman Carl Professor, Speech
Ciurash Joana Professor, Chemistry
CruzSantoyo Elena Assoc Prof, ESLN
Dodough Christina Adjunct Faculty, English As A Second Language (Non-Credit)
Dozier Kim Professor, English
Dupus Stevan Adjunct Faculty, Art
Emerson Linda Professor, Psychology
Enders Jessica Interim Exec Dir, Inst. Adv.
Flores Claudia Child Development Specialist
Flores Martin Instructor, Cyber Security
Ford Tracy Adjunct Faculty, Culinary Arts
G. Vargas Korina Athletic Programs Assistant
Galloway Melissa Executive Administrative Assistant
Gaydos Rebecca Instructor, English
Genova Ron Adjunct Faculty, Radio/TV
Gill Adam Temporary Instructor Chemistry
Gladych Michael Adjunct Faculty, Radio/TV
Glover Amy Instructor, Biology
Gomez Paloma Interim Human Resources Manager
Gorges Jonathan Instructional Computer Support Specialist
Graff Laura Professor, Sociology
Granados Ashley Transfer and Career Centers Specialist
Graves Visa Interim Dir, Financial Aid
Hardy Ellen Professor, Anthropology
Harlow Michael Webmaster and SharePoint Administrator
Harris Elaine Adjunct Faculty, English As A Second Language (Non-Credit)
Hart Carlene Secretary, Basic Skills Initiative/EDGE
Hauf Sandra Counselor, Veterans
Henry James Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture
Hernandez Ana Adjunct Faculty, Work Experience
Herrera Maria Counselor, EOPS
Hodges Pete Adjunct Faculty, Philosophy
Holland Natalie Sr Office Assistant - CDC
Huntzinger Jenna Counselor, EDGE
Jazan Alex Associate Professor, Speech
Bautista Victoria Counselor, ESLN
Johnson Carolyn Instructional Support Assistant (fte1.0/12mo)
Jones-Cage Chris Professor, Psychology
K. Thompson Brian Manager, Career and College Access Pathways
King Elise Counselor
Klein Maile Adjunct Faculty, Digital Photography
Knight Russell Adjunct Faculty, Music
Kone Mzilikazi Associate Professor, Political Science
Lai Cherry Temporary Ft Faculty, Sociology
Larson Jeff Executive Administrative Assistant- Instruction
Layne Sylvia Adjunct Faculty, Art
Llewelyn Price Cynthia Adjunct Counselor, Health Services
Lopez Monica Full Time General Counselor
Maddigan Emily Assistant Professor, Art
Maduena Maria Adjunct Counselor, Health Services
Maloney Caroline Director, Institutional Grants
Martinez Gabriela Adjunct Student Counselor
Mason Chuck Adjunct Faculty, American Sign Language
Melton Christine Assistant Professor, Chemistry
Meraz Angel Athletic Counselor
Mijarez Elena Sr Office Asst, Nursing and Health
Miller Cameron Adjunct Faculty, Emergency Medical Technician
Miller Lorrene Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics
Moeller, Jr. Larry Instructional Support Assistant
Morena Micheline Instructional Laboratory Technician - ASC
Moreno Ibara Juan Adjunct Counselor
Etter Cheryl Secretary Academic Senate
Neimeyer Jesse Adjunct Faculty, Political Science
Oden Ron Adjunct Faculty, Sociology
O'Loghlin Don Employment Specialist Physical Disabilities Counselor
Park Carol Adjunct Faculty, English
Payan Beatriz Instructional Support Specialist
Phillips Amanda Dean, Counseling Services
Prince Donni Veterans Resource Specialist
Probst Jill Administrative Assistant, Security
Quintana Ana Nursing Program Assistant
Ramirez Frank Full Time Career Counselor
Raya Christee Admissions and Records Technician
Richardson Erynn Adjunct Faculty, Art
Rigby Kristin Adjunct Instructor, Communications
Rodriguez Paulina Adjunct Counselor, TRIO DSPS
Rodriguez Mike Accounting Specialist
Rojas Salazar Edith Instructor, Geology
Romero Pablo Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Science
Rose Brian Adjunct Counselor, Health Services
Ruiz-Reyes Lesley Instructional Support Assistant
Salas Philip Counselor, Student Support Service Program
Saldivar Senorina Adjunct Counselor, CalWorks
Sangiorgio Fred Counselor
Santana Misti Human Resources Benefits Specialist
Sarabia Payan Beatriz Instructional Support Specialist
Schaefer Christine Full Time General Counselor
Schnabel-Moreno Tiffanie CDC Specialist
Shahidi Elham Adjunct Faculty, English As A Second Language (Non-Credit)
Simo Jose Counselor, Hispanic Serving Institute
Soto Ana Senior Program Specialist - Student Life
Spence Cynthia Adjunct Faculty, English
Stockwell Ana Counselor, Health Sciences
Tierney Robert Adjunct Faculty, Fire Technology
Tortoris Nicole Professor, Sociology
Valenzuela Diana Enrollment Services Specialist - Bilingual
Vanbeers Jessica Int. Dir. Ed Talent Search
Vargas Jocelyn Int. Dir., Education Centers
Alvarez Elizabeth Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
Vezzoli Giuseppe Instructor, Biology
Wallace Christopher Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
Weatherup Elle Adjunct Faculty, English
Wickstrand Christine Adjunct Faculty, Student Nurse
Wilson Terri Int. Director, Human Resources
Wilson Matthew Instructor, Physical Therapy
Wong Chun Adjunct Faculty, Health Science
Yeap Calvin Adjunct Faculty, Culinary Arts Lab
Zepeda Mariana Full Time General Counselor
Taylor Michael Instructional Support Specialist, ASC
Bender Yolanda Asst. Prof., Hospitality Management 
Calise Andrea Accounting Specialist
Carey Jenne Professor, Music
Como Chaz Public Safety Officer
Delaughter Barbara Adjunct Faculty
Diaz Bernice Outreach Specialist Foster Youth
Luna-Orozco Emmanuel Senior Financial Aid Specialist
Mindermann Erik Health Services Program Assistant
Quinones Leslie Director, Disabled Students Programs and Services
Silveira Michael Interim Dean of Mathematics and Sciences
Tate-Meyer Carrie Director, TRIO VSSS
Tesch Anthony Professor, Biology
Torres Danny Senior Program Specialist 
Zapp Mark Adjunct Student Counselor 
Becerril Gonzalez Rubi Adjunct Student Counselor
Collins Oceana Professor, History
Conradson Laurel Instructional Support Specialist, TRiO
Cruz Eduardo Adjunct Faculty, Biology
Duncan Kerry Testing Services Technician
Frausto Felicia Human Resources Manager
Hurtado Lizbeth Outreach Specialist, Basic Needs Center
Mendoza Nashelle Transfer and Career Centers Specialist
Paquette Holly Associate Professor, Biology
Torres-Mendez Martha Associate Professor, Spanish
Villalon Andrea Secretary, Bilingual, Dual Enrollment