Counseling Support for COD's LGBTQIA+ Students


Helping students stay on track toward achieving their academic goals is one the top priorities for the GSD Pride Center. GSD Pride Center counselors are trained and certified Safe Zone Allies. Our Counselors provide the same range of services as the General Counseling department which includes academic, career, personal counseling, student education plans, transfer advising and more.

Online Counseling is a web-based service, utilizing webcam and audio through a service called Cranium Café.

Cranium Café is compatible with Chrome and Firefox browsers only. Students using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge may experience technical problems when trying to connect to an online counseling session.


If you are a student who uses assistive technology you may not be able to log in or meet with a counselor using Cranium Cafe.

If you use assistive technology, please email the Director of DSPS at to schedule a counseling appointment.

Scheduling an Online Counseling Session

  1. Follow the link at the bottom of this page to open the scheduling form.
  2. Select the week you would like to schedule your appointment.
  3. Select the reasons you which to have a session.
  4. Select whether you would like a phone or video meeting.
  5. Select the available day you would like to have the meeting.
  6. Select the time slot with the counselor you wish to meet with.
    1. If you do not see your preferred counselor at the time you want, click the Show More button to see if that time is available for that counselor.
  7. Fill out the intake form with your phone number and any details you would like to share for this meeting.
  8. Click on the Schedule Appointment link to finalize your request.
    1. You will receive an email with the session information and if you chose the video meeting, a link for your meeting.


Video chat with Gender and Sexual Diversity Pride Center on Cranium Cafe