Gender and Sexual Diversity Pride Center's
LGBTQ Film Series

The Gender and Sexual Diversity Pride Center is proud to partner with COD faculty to offer students, faculty, staff, and community members an opportunity to explore LGBTQ films together.  This series will celebrate the incredible talents of LGBTQ filmmakers and actors and examine the stories they share about the lives of gender and sexual minorities around the world.  

​Moonlight - May 2021

Moonlight Movie Poster

We are excited to start COD’s LGBTQ Film Series with Moonlight (2016, rated R), an Academy-Award winning film directed by Barry Jenkins and staring Mahershala Ali.  The film is a coming-of-age story about the life journey and challenges of a young African-American male growing up poor and gay in Miami.

With many thanks to the COD Library, access to the film is provided free of charge for the COD community though the Library’s film collection.  You can access Moonlight though this link​, and it is also available on Netflix.


COD faculty and staff members Jin An-Dunning, Mike Gladych, David Goetz, Mzilikazi Koné, and Cody McCabe would like to share this recorded Moonlight introduction ​with you.  Learn why this film was selected as the first for this series, what made it such a unique success, and what our faculty would like you to consider as you watch it.

Film Discussion 

After watching the film, we invite you to consider the discussion and analysis provided by COD faculty. They explore the powerful symbolism, storyline, character development, and connections to society that make Moonlight such a remarkable film.