EDGE and plEDGE Applications

You will need your COD student ID to complete the EDGE/plEDGE application. 

By submitting the application, you will apply to BOTH the summer bridge EDGE Program and plEDGE 2022 Program (if eligible)​. 

During your EDGE session you will attend and complete THREE EDGE Courses; English EDGE, Math EDGE and Student Development EDGE. Each of these three EDGE courses will prepare you for college-level coursework in Math and English and for college in general in your Student Development Course.

As a college student you have many options as to how you would like to learn and complete your EDGE program; attend live fully online courses at a set time each day, attend online classes and work on your own (does not meet at any specific time), or attend fully in person at one of our five campus locations.   

Whatever format you choose we will be there to support you and provide the resources needed for a successful transition into college!

Please select your preferred in person location or our online option to sign up for both the EDGE and plEDGE programs.

EDGE Review Dates:

Session 1: June 6th – June 24th

Session 2: June 27th – July 15th

Session 3: July 18th – August 5th

Students who will be entering college with a High School GPA of 3.20 or higher have the option of registering for a college course during the Summer 2022 term instead of attending the summer bridge EDGE program.

If you prefer to take a summer college course to fulfill your plEDGE requirement instead of attending summer EDGE, please click on the link below to sign up:

Contact us!
760.636.7970 or edge@collegeofthedesert.edu