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All current high school graduates from the Coachella Valley, including homeschooled students and graduates of adult GED/high school programs, are accepted, regardless of age.

plEDGE only covers Fall and Spring semesters. If a student registers for Winter intersession or Summer session courses, the student is financially responsible for paying for their course(s), or the student can contact the Financial Aid Office to verify if their financial aid can cover these costs.

plEDGE covers eligible students’ tuition and fees for two consecutive years. Tuition will be covered by plEDGE funds at the end of the academic year.
NOTE: Students may see a pending balance on their accounts after registration, but this will not prevent students from registering for classes for following semesters.

A student is able to miss a semester or a year; however, plEDGE will only cover two consecutive years after the student graduated high school and completed the EDGE program.

In order to be plEDGE eligible, all students must complete a summer engagement requirement that can include the non-credit EDGE summer bridge course/s or a credit course/s immediately following high school graduation. 

If you did not complete your summer engagement requirement immediately after graduating from high school, unfortunately, you may no longer be eligible for plEDGE. However, please contact the plEDGE office to verify your options.  

No, you do not have to retake EDGE non-credit courses or a credit course each summer to remain plEDGE eligible.

All COD degree programs, including certificate programs, are covered by plEDGE.  

NOTE: PACE programs are not covered by plEDGE.

No. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects all confidential student information, including attendance, class schedules, and grades unless a FERPA form is on file with the Admissions and Records office. 

Yes. First year plEDGE students receive priority registration for the Winter and Spring terms after successfully completing the plEDGE summer engagement requirement.

Students should attempt to stay enrolled in 12 units throughout the semester. If you need to drop classes, see a counselor for assistance to help you stay on track for your academic program. Students who meet the following exemptions may still remain eligible for plEDGE:

  • Students with disabilities may be eligible to take fewer than 12 units with DSPS counselor approval

  • Students who are currently employed full-time

  • Students who are pursuing a certificate-based program of study

Students are responsible to complete 10 volunteer hours per academic year to remain eligible in the plEDGE program. Students have until the end of the academic year to submit their hours. Students can find opportunities on our webpage, canvas, or can look for their own volunteer opportunities anywhere in the valley. Examples include: churches, festivals, COD events, etc.

NOTE:  A paid job does not count towards your volunteer hours.

Students who received a “W” or “F” will remain in plEDGE. However, students do need to maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA to remain in the program.

Yes. It is a requirement of plEDGE that each student complete a financial aid application and have it on file. Students will still qualify for plEDGE, regardless of family income.

You may need to submit additional documents with the Financial Aid Office. To check for pending required documents, go to your Financial Aid Self Service portal in Self-Service. If you do not complete your Financial Aid file by the deadline, you will be responsible to pay the balance on your account.  

If you do not complete your financial aid file, you will no long be plEDGE eligible and will be financially responsible for your tuition and fees. 

plEDGE students may show a balance on their accounts through the end of the semester, but this should not prevent them from registering for courses for upcoming semester.

If you paid for your classes, you may request a refund through the Bursar’s Office. Please make sure to fill out an Application for a Refund.

Yes, you are still eligible for plEDGE if you are not an AB540 student. If you have any questions about your residency as it applies to plEDGE, please contact us.

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