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Did you know many certificates and associate degrees require a Work Experience (095A) course to graduate or may be offered as an elective within your program? 

Air Conditioning, Agriculture/Turfgrass, Administration of Justice, Architecture, Business Accounting, Business and Hospitality Management, Culinary, Child Development and Computer Information Systems, Construction Management, Digital Design and Production, Energy Systems, Fire Technology, Health Science, Natural Resources, Psychology, and Radio and Television are among the most popular programs that offer academic credit for your current job placement in the field of study.

If you currently have one of the following job placements, we encourage you to enroll in a Work Experience course: 

  • Part-time or full-time job
  • Internship
  • Volunteer 
  • Student Worker

Currently working, but your job placement is not related to your field of study or educational goal?

  • You can still earn academic credit for your current job placement by enrolling in a General Work Experience course (WEG095A)

Don’t have a current job placement?

  • Activate your Handshake account to search for local current jobs and internships​
  • Begin applying now to make arrangements
  • Upon hire, follow the Steps to Enroll web page to earn academic credit for your job placement
  • We offer two session start dates:  16 week and 12 week sessions.  Please see the appropriate class schedule for start dates.

Having trouble finding an internship in your field of study? Here are some tips…

  • Search for at least three local agencies you see yourself working for and contact them to find out if they offer internship opportunities, you will be surprised by the opportunities out there!
  • Contact the Work Experience Office with a potential internship site and we will connect with the agency with next steps in offering future internship opportunities 
  • Be sure you have workman’s liability coverage for any unpaid job placements, which the Work Experience course provides upon enrollment
  • Search for websites, such as and LinkedIn​ for an array of remote internship opportunities​
  • Always inform the Work Experience Office before beginning an unpaid internship to enroll in a Work Experience course

Why should I enroll in a Work Experience course?

  • The course gives you the opportunity to earn 1-6 units in a General Work Experience course or 1-8 units in any of the Occupational Work Experience courses listed above
  • You create three S.M.A.R.T goals to help you expand your employment knowledge thus enhancing your resume and chances for a raise or promotion
  • You sharpen your employability skills – critical for career development and personal growth!
  • Internships give you the opportunity to find out if you are in the desired field of study saving you time and financial aid money in the long run!
  • The course fits well into a busy school, work, and personal life schedule. During the course, you only meet a total of four times (currently via Zoom due to COVID-19)
  • The course content is available completely online via Canvas
Courtesy of the Work Experience Team