Frequently Asked Questions

Use the FAQ below to assist you in answering common questions about the Work Experience Program. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact us or visit us in person.

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Yes. Students must have a job, internship, volunteer, student worker, or Federal Work Study position while enrolled in any Work Experience course.

Review the Work Experience Guide for step-by-step instructions to enroll.

Yes. Key components of the course include two job site visits (can be completed via Zoom), required documentation, and verification of your work hours - all which require your supervisor's participation. Provide your supervisor the Employer Letter before the course begins, if possible. Should your supervisor have questions, please contact us

Yes, in the sense that you are earning college credit while working and your grade is GPA bound. Students will follow a class syllabus and course content is available 24/7 via Canvas.

No, in the sense that it is not a traditional class you report to each week at a specific day and time.  The course only meets FOUR times during the semester.  Two meetings are held with the student and faculty advisor and two are held at the student's job site with the student, faculty advisor, and student's supervisor. Job site meetings can be held in person or via Zoom. The hours worked will be used to earn college credit.

Yes. No exceptions. 

Yes. Your manager/supervisor must be willing to support you in this course. Provide your supervisor/manager the Work Experience Employer Letter prior to enrolling in the course, if needed. 

All course content is available via Canvas.

  • It may be a requirement or part of your electives depending on your major
  • Receive CSU transferable college credit
  • Enhance your current resume
  • Learn & improve employment skills
  • Apply classroom theory to real job experiences
  • Develop a better understanding of job functions in your field of study
  • Network with professionals
  • Apply 21st-century employability skills