Mission / Vision / Values


College of the Desert is an inclusive, student-centered community college providing high-quality degree, certificate, and transfer programs that are accessible, affordable, and responsive to the diverse needs of students and our community. By preparing workforce professionals and leaders, the College enhances the local economy, closes persistent equity gaps, and improves the quality of life in the Coachella Valley and surrounding communities.


College of the Desert will be a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice, while continually improving community access to relevant training, certificates, degree programs, services, and transfer opportunities.


We fulfill our Vision and Mission by creating and sustaining a community where all are welcomed and valued. Recognizing the importance of diversity, we acknowledge the rich and unique contributions each person makes to achieve the Vision and advance the Mission of the College. To this end, the following Values will guide our actions:


To fulfill our Mission and achieve our Vision, we commit to ensuring open access to educational opportunities.


We value the thoughts, words, and actions of our students, colleagues, and community members. We encourage open dialogue, respectful dissent, and varying opinions in an inclusive forum. We pursue broad understanding, effective dialogue, and inclusive decision-making.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA):

We embrace the diversity of our community and uphold the dignity and worth of every individual. We strive to create safe, equitable, and accessible environments so individuals can learn, grow, and complete their educational goals.


We listen to each other compassionately, with open minds, and without judgment.

Fiscal Accountability:

As good stewards of the public trust, we take thoughtful, intentional, and responsible action in allocating resources to fulfill our Mission and Vision. We anticipate and respond to dynamic fiscal conditions through ongoing evaluation, effective planning, reallocating existing resources with an equity lens, and developing and seeking new funds.


We create an environment of empowerment, creativity, courage, and exploration to provide a unique student-learning-centered culture that fosters innovation.


We take accountability for our actions and adhere to the highest ethical standards in all our professional and personal responsibilities. We communicate openly, honestly, and with authenticity.

Social Justice:

We commit to a fair and equal society in which all people and groups are valued and affirmed. We embrace efforts to end systemic racism. We recognize the legacy of past injustices and promote actions in support of restorative justice and full implementation of human and civil rights. (Based on: John Lewis, Institute for Social Justice.)

Student Success:

We commit to student learning, goal completion, personal fulfillment, and lifelong learning.