Office of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Strategic Master Plan Goals: 2023-2028

Goal 1 

Achieve equitable student outcomes by providing clear curricular pathways, and equity-based student supports to ensure student learning and the timely completion of educational goals.

Goal 2 

Contribute to the growth and vitality of the regional economy and achieve economic justice by aligning College of the Desert's career education programs with the needs of current and future labor markets and providing students with opportunities to develop 21st-century workplace knowledge and skills, which prepare them for high-quality, high-demand, living-wage occupations.

Goal 3 

Develop and implement responsible and sustainable policies and practices to effectively create and steward District resources, ensuring a supportive learning and working environment.

Goal 4 

Strengthen a culture of equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and social justice by cultivating a culture of care, empathy, and mutual support in which students and employees are valued and respected.