2025-2032 Cycle

Accreditation Work Group


Accreditation Liaison Officer and Administrative Co-Chair
Val Martinez Garcia

Faculty Accreditation Liaison and Faculty Co-Chair
Bert Bitanga

Classified Staff Representative
Michael Gayle

Student Representative
Kelly Merchant

Institutional Self-Evaluation Report Editor
Reid Sagara

Standard Teams

Standard I - Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity

Dean Papas, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Alejandro Jazan, Faculty Co-Chair
Whitney Shaw, Faculty Representative
Andrea Calderon, Classified Staff

Standard II.A - Instructional Programs

Jeff Baker, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Corbyn Wild, Faculty Co-Chair
Kristie Camacho, Faculty Representative
Roxanne Brazell, Classified Staff

Standard II.B - Library and Learning Support Services

Gary Plunkett, Administrative Co-Chair
Donna Greene, Faculty Co-Chair
Jin An-Dunning, Faculty Representative
Dr. Jessica Enders, Administrative Representative

Standard II.C - Student Support Services

Amanda Phillips, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Señorina Saldivar, Faculty Co-Chair
Carlos Maldonado, Administrative Representative

Standard III.A - Human Resources

Diana Galindo, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Michael Silveira, Faculty Co-Chair
Terri Wilson, Administrative Representative

Standard III.B - Physical Resources

Rod Garcia, Administrative Co-Chair
Felix Marhuenda-Donate, Faculty Co-Chair
Christina Dodough, Faculty Representative
Stuart Davis, Administrative Representative
John White, Administrative Representative

Standard III.C - Technology Resources

Stuart Davis, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Kim Dozier, Faculty Co-Chair
Michael Gayle, Classified Staff

Standard III.D - Financial Resources

Caroline Maloney, Administrative Co-Chair
Crystal Louden, Faculty Co-Chair
Diana Guijarro, Administrative Representative

Standard IV - Leadership and Governance

Dr. Oxana Aghaei, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Jermaine Cathcart, Faculty Co-Chair
Jacob Banda, Faculty Representative
Armando Robles, Confidential Representative

Support Staff

Ashley Granados
Jeff Larson