2025-2032 Upcoming Cycle

Institutional Self-Evaluation Report

  • to be submitted to the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges by December 15, 2023

Accreditation Work Group

Accreditation Resources

2024 Comprehensive Peer Review

Accreditation Update Newsletter

Accreditation Work Group

Accreditation Liaison Officer and Administrative Co-Chair
Val Martinez Garcia

Faculty Accreditation Liaison and Faculty Co-Chair
Bert Bitanga

Classified Staff Representative
Michael Gayle

Student Representative
Kelly Merchant

Institutional Self-Evaluation Report Editor
Reid Sagara

Standard Teams

Standard I - Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity

Dean Papas, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Alejandro Jazan, Faculty Co-Chair
Whitney Shaw, Faculty Representative
Andrea Calderon, Classified Staff

Standard II.A - Instructional Programs

Jeff Baker, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Corbyn Wild, Faculty Co-Chair
Kristie Camacho, Faculty Representative
Roxanne Brazell, Classified Staff

Standard II.B - Library and Learning Support Services

Gary Plunkett, Administrative Co-Chair
Donna Greene, Faculty Co-Chair
Jin An-Dunning, Faculty Representative
Dr. Daniel Aucutt, Administrative Representative
Dr. Jessica Enders, Administrative Representative

Standard II.C - Student Support Services

Amanda Phillips, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Señorina Saldivar, Faculty Co-Chair
Carlos Maldonado, Administrative Representative

Standard III.A - Human Resources

Diana Galindo, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Michael Silveira, Faculty Co-Chair
Terri Wilson, Administrative Representative

Standard III.B - Physical Resources

Rod Garcia, Administrative Co-Chair
Felix Marhuenda-Donate, Faculty Co-Chair
Christina Dodough, Faculty Representative
Stuart Davis, Administrative Representative
John White, Administrative Representative

Standard III.C - Technology Resources

Stuart Davis, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Kim Dozier, Faculty Co-Chair
Michael Gayle, Classified Staff

Standard III.D - Financial Resources

Caroline Maloney, Administrative Co-Chair
Crystal Louden, Faculty Co-Chair
Diana Guijarro, Administrative Representative

Standard IV - Leadership and Governance

Dr. Oxana Aghaei, Administrative Co-Chair
Dr. Jermaine Cathcart, Faculty Co-Chair
Jacob Banda, Faculty Representative
Dr. Michael Silveira, Administrative Representative
Armando Robles, Confidential Representative

Support Staff

Ashley Granados
Jeff Larson