Kinesiology is the study of health, fitness, recreation, and lifetime wellness. Career paths chosen by students pursuing undergraduate studies in kinesiology commonly include: public school instruction, athletic coaching, recreational sports management/leisure studies, fitness professional, athletic training, and corporate wellness programs. Careers in the discipline that generally require graduate-level degrees include: K-12 teacher, physical therapist, athletic trainer, sports/athletic coach, club/corporate wellness director, and recreational sports management.

Even students who choose not to major in Kinesiology find that coursework in the field can improve their ability to: think critically, recognize and value the human body as an integrated organism with systematic functions such as movement, nutrition, growth, reproduction, and aging, exhibit habits of intellectual exploration, personal responsibility and well being, value diverse cultures and populations, and integrate research in the field to contribute to personal and community well being.

College of the Desert’s Kinesiology curriculum includes course offerings that provide a general overview of the discipline, as well as specialized instruction in athletic coaching, recreational sports management, sports officiating, athletic training, and dance.

Students earning an AA degree in Kinesiology may pursue (entry-level) positions such as personal fitness trainer, community recreation, and youth sports coordinator, or may choose to continue their study in the discipline toward a bachelor’s or graduate degree. COD has transfer agreements with the California State Universities and University of California systems in this discipline/program. However, transfer requirements at four-year colleges and universities vary from institution to institution; students should consult with a counselor for specific information regarding the transfer requirements of their preferred college or university.


Athletic programs at College of the Desert are sanctioned by the California Community College Athletic Association, under the authority of the California State Legislature. COD offers competitive opportunities for full-time female students in Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, and Softball. Opportunities for full-time male students include Cross Country, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Football, Golf, and Baseball. Students competing in our programs can expect to progress academically and athletically in a way that allows them to be able to transfer to a university with an athletic scholarship, as well as provide an opportunity for those with athletic talent who might not otherwise consider entering higher education.


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