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Partnership and Community Education



If you are seeking professional skills, online education, proctor services, or personal enrichment opportunities - you are in the right place! Our Menu of Services is on the left.


If you are a business owner or employer looking for professional development opportunities for yourself or your employees, we are your solution. We provide needs assessments, customized training, and other business solutions to meet your specific needs.

Facility Use

At the College's Palm Desert Mall learning center business partners can schedule a classroom, conference room, or the computer lab on a fee-based, as-available basis.

About PaCE

College of the Desert's Partnership and Community Education (PaCE) provides outstanding professional development, workforce training, and personal enrichment opportunities that contribute to the success and vitality of our partners, clients, and learners.

Located in the Palm Desert Mall, PaCE is designed to:

  • Partner with the business community to equip employees and incumbent workers with skills to meet the needs of Coachella Valley businesses
  • Collaborate with workforce development partners to prepare the local labor pool for emerging and in-demand industries
  • Engage the expertise of subject matter experts to provide cost-efficient, skills-based training solutions for businesses and individuals
  • Fostering strategic partnerships to share best practices and to leverage funding and other resources
  • Serve as a trusted resource for emerging industries and emerging instructional programs
  • Providing lifelong learning and personal enrichment for Coachella Valley resident