Facility Master Plan Task Force

Task Force Purpose Statement

The purpose of the FMP Task Force is to serve as a working group for the development of the College of the Desert 2018 Facilities Master Plan (FMP). The FMP Task Force will:

  • Ensure representation of all areas of the College in developing the FMP.

  • Work in collaboration with Cambridge West Partnership LLC Consultant Team, providing input and feedback throughout the process of the plan’s development.

  • Support alignment of the FMP with the College’s Educational Master Plan, the College’s Mission, Vision and Values, and the Strategic Master Plan.

Facility Master Plan Task Force

John Ramont

Interim VP,
Administrative Services
Task Force Chair

Linda Costagliola

Executive Administrative Assistant

Leslie Young

Dean Representative

Brandon Toepfer

Director, Maintenance & Operations

Virginia Ortega

Interim Director, Fiscal Services

Carlos Maldonado

Director, Student Life

Gary Plunkett

Director, Kinesiology & Athletics

Jessica Enders

Director, Education Centers

Carl Farmer

Academic Senate President or Designee

Annebelle Nery

Student Success

Robert Rosteck

Faculty Representative

George Brown - FMP

Faculty Representative

Claudia Derum - FMP

Faculty Representative

Allen Scott Ventura - FMP

Faculty Representative

Vacant - FMP

Faculty Representative

Vacant - FMP

Faculty Representative

Bart Podlesny

CODFA Representative

Scott Klinger

Adjunct Representative

David Bashore

CODAA Representative

Roz Weissmann

Classified Representative – Preferably Scheduler

Michael Gayle

CSEA Representative

Arturo Delgado

Student Representative


Mac McGinnis

Program Manager/Bond Office

Facility Master Plan Consultants:

C.M. Brahmbhatt

Cambridge West Partnership, LLC – Managing Director

George Walters

Cambridge West Partnership, LLC – Associate/Project Manager

Larry Frapwell

HPI Architecture – President/Principal in Charge

Megan Gaunce

HPI Architecture – Planner/Project Coordinator

Cassidy Bingham

HPI Architecture – Planner/Programmer