Bond Program and Facilities Planning


The Bond Program includes March 2004 Measure B authorizing $346,500,000 and 2016 Measure CC authorizing $577,860,000 for capital improvements as defined in the bond language. The Capital Improvement Program or "Five-Year Construction Plan" approved by the Board of Trustees annually includes priority projects with information on proposed timing, cost, and fund sources. See separate page titled "Capital Programs" under "Capital Asset Strategies" on this site for detail.

Responsible for all aspects of the District’s Bond Program and Facilities Planning, including oversight of capital improvement projects funded by bond measures and other sources, technical direction over college facilities management activities, and provides District leadership with advice and counsel on architectural/engineering design and construction projects. Provides counsel on project execution, including planning, programming, design, construction, and closeout. The District has locations in Palm Desert, Indio, Mecca/Thermal, and Desert Hot Springs, and is in development of a location in Palm Springs. The Executive Director reports to the Superintendent/President.

The Executive Director, Bond Program and Facilities Planning (ED-BPFP), works in conjunction with COD leadership to sustain the integrity of the recognized College of the Desert built environment. The ED-BPFP works to advance capital asset strategies in support of the COD Educational Master Plan and strategic priorities. Planning efforts and activities include an ongoing dialogue with the campus community of students, faculty, staff, and administrators, alumni, and the Board of Trustees, such as participation in the COD Planning Advisory Committee and Citizens Bond Oversight Committee. This position receives input from the citizens of the District, including the professional design community. This position is charged with monitoring the collective project capability of the College in terms of design and fit with other District facilities and the available assets of the College.

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John O. White
Executive Director - Bond Program and Facilities Planning
Phone: (760) 565-4827