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Student ID Cards

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The information on your ID cards is private and is only be seen by the individual departments that scan or swipe your card.

While a government issued ID is preferred, (i.e. driver license, state issued ID, passports) new enrolled freshman can use their high school IDs from last year.

Only as an identification card. All financial aid disbursement will continue as normal.

As of now the COD ID card is not required, however some departments do require that you have one. For example the school library does require the ID cards to check out books and use their computers. The campus bookstore also requires your ID card to sell back your books at the end of each semester. The Financial Aid and Administration Offices also require you to have an ID card.

No replacement charge at this time. All previous versions of the ID card are void with each new issuance. However, there can be a charge in the future.

Yes, SunLine Transit Agency and College of the Desert are partnering to provide current enrolled students with free unlimited SunBus rides as part of SunLine’s new Haul Pass program.

The Nursing badges are separate and you pay for them at the bursar's office. Once you pay for your Nursing badge, you will bring your receipt and a government issued ID to the Office of Student Life.

You will need to first be registered in classes at COD. This can verify through your Web Advisor or Canvas accounts. We will then also need a photo ID either a government issued ID or last year’s High School ID.

As long as you are enrolled in classes at COD, your ID card will remain active. Your ID card will become inactive when you are no longer actively enrolled in classes at COD.

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