Evening College plEDGE

The following plEDGE programming is available at the Coachella Library.

Email questions to edge@collegeofthedesert.edu.

To sign up for the Evening College program, students will need to submit an EDGE application. This application and EDGE programming allow students to qualify for the two-year tuition-free plEDGE.

A custom program has been created for Evening College students. 

To sign-up for the Evening College plEDGE, to see all other EDGE dates and ask plEDGE specific questions, visit the plEDGE site​, or visit the COD homepage and select the plEDGE icon.

Eligible students may attend tuition-free by participating in plEDGE. Students who do participate in plEDGE and do not qualify for aid will pay standard tuition and fees. Students should speak with an EDGE representative to confirm their qualification.

Students should contact the EDGE team at edge@collegeofthedesert.edu.