Parking Information

Visitor Parking

Palm Desert Campus

Visitor parking is available in Lot 2 between the Cravens Student Services Center and the South Annex. Visitor parking is for 30 minutes only. Any vehicles parked in Visitor parking spots will be cited after 30 minutes.

Parking Permits

Semester Permits

Parking Permits for each Semester will be included in the cost of your Tuition through the Transportation Fee. All vehicles are required to register for a virtual parking permit, including motorcycles and vehicles displaying a handicap placard. There is no charge for parking in student lots during the summer or winter intercessions.  

Update your Vehicle License Plate on your permit if you buy a new vehicle during the semester by following these steps:

1. Open the orginal verification email you received when registering your vehicle.

2. Make the changes or addition you need to make to your virtual parking permit.

Students can only register one vehicle on their virtual parking permit.

If you choose to email you will need your student or employee ID.

Staff/Faculty parking lots always require a virtual parking permit.

Virtual Parking Permits will be available online ONLY.



  1. All vehicles must be registered to park on campus.
  2. All parking lots are posted staff/faculty or student parking lots.
  3. Students must be registered for the current term at least 30 minutes prior to applying for a parking permit .

When registering for a virtual parking permit, permits are tied to the license plate.  You must input your vehicle's license plate correctly in order to prevent being cited.

Do not purchase permits from any other source!

If you are approached by an individual wishing to sell a permit, contact Public Safety Department at (760)341-2111 (or 2111 from any campus ext.).


Motorcycles may park in any parking space and are required to register for a valid parking permit while parking on campus.

  1. Motorcyles must be properly registered or you will be cited.

Library Parking

For COD students is available in Lot 7 only.

COD students may not use the Public Library Lot at any time for any reason.

COD students must register for a semester permit and park in a student lot even if they are using the Public Library.

Disabled Persons Spaces

College of the Desert has several Disabled Person parking areas which are marked with the traditional blue sign and symbol.

Proper Display for Disabled Persons Vehicle

  1. Vehicle Must Properly Display a California DMV issued handicapped placard or license plate.

  2. Vehicle is required to register for a​ valid COD parking permit regardless if the vehicle is parked in a designated or regular parking space.

  3. Vehicle may park in any space not designated for special parking i.e.: carpool parking; staff parking; etc.

  4. Handicapped space is designated by blue borders. The placard owner must be present in the vehicle when you park.

Disabled parking spaces are strictly enforced at COD.

  • DP plate numbers and DP Placard serial numbers can be computer checked to obtain the name, sex, and birth date of the placard’s legitimate holder.

  • The DMV issues a placard identification card with the placard and must be carried by the placard owner and shown to security officers upon request.

  • The citation fee for parking illegally in a Handicapped Space is $275.

    A person using a DP placard or plate illegally is also subject to misdemeanor arrest, which carries a fine of up to $1,000 and/or six months in jail. (4461, 22507 CVC)

Parking Citations

Any car which is parked in violation of the College of the Desert parking regulations may be issued a parking citation.

Parking citations are issued in accordance with Section 23113 of the California Vehicle Code.

By California law, the registered owner of a vehicle is liable for all citations issued to that vehicle.

To Pay By Mail

  • Place check/money order payable to College of the Desert in the envelope to:

    College of the Desert
    c/o Parking Citation Service Center
    PO Box 11923
    Santa Ana, CA 92711

To Pay In Person

Bring citation with cash, credit, check/money order to the Bursar's Counter. (Check office hours 760-568-7510.)


  1. Payments not made within 21 days are subject to additional $30 penalty for each violation.
  2. The total citation fee will be forwarded to the Department of Motor Vehicles to REFUSE REGISTRATION of the vehicle until all penalties are paid (4760 CVC).

For more information please call 1-866-353-5867 or visit


You may request an Administrative Review of a citation within 21 days of the issue date (40215 CVC).  Parking citation appeals are available online only.  If you need assistance come to the Public Safety Department office on the Palm Desert Campus, South Annex 16.

After 21 days, citation may not be contested and must be paid.

  1. Fill out the Contest of Parking Violation form.  You can come in to the Public Safety Department offices on the Palm Desert Campus and fill out the online form in the lobby.

  2. Indicate why the vehicle was not in violation.

  3. Include copies of any documentation to support your claim (documents will not be returned).

  4. Include your citation or reminder notice.

    Mail all information to:

    College of the Desert
    Public Safety Department
    South Annex 16
    43500 Monterey Avenue
    Palm Desert, CA 92260-2499

  5. Fine is placed on hold until a decision is made. Review results will be emailed.

The following are NOT valid reasons to contest a citation

  • I forgot to register.

  • I was only parked there a few minutes.
  • I drove a different car.

  • Someone else was driving my car.

  • I didn’t see the signs.

  • I couldn’t find another place to park.

  • My teacher said I could park there.

  • Student parked in Public Parking to go to Public Library.