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Research and Study Skills

Citations and Authoritative Style Manual Links

Students and writers engaged in research must cite works and sources for any material that was borrowed and/or quoted. It is a simple matter of respect for the creative labor that an individual or a group employed to share knowledge. To do otherwise is to engage in plagiarism, a serious academic offense. Links to the four leading styles or schools of citation are included below: MLA, APA, ASA, and Chicago Style.

Study skills include the knowledge set needed to navigate a variety of academic situations, combined with the internalized tools and behaviors that promote personal success with learning. If these skills were not fully learned in elementary or secondary school, a student should actively seek to acquire them in college. See the links below for helpful guidance about study skills and their mastery.

CLICK the links below to view official style manuals and template samples for APA and MLA.

APA Official Style Site

APA 7th Edition Sample Paper

MLA Official Style Center

MLA 9th Edition Sample Paper

Chicago Manual of Style

ASA Style Citation Guide