Technology Training Catalog

Information Technology Training Catalog

Accessibility 101

  • Learn to add/check content for accessibility in Word, Adobe Acrobat, Email and Website Maintenance

  • Learn how to organize content accessible headers

  • Learn when pictures require alternative text and how it is used

  • Learn how to create action statement links and add accessible ToolTips to them

  • Learn to check if use of color meets contrast guidelines

Accessibility 201

Prerequisite: Accessibility 101 or other accessibility training

  • Review the basic components of accessible digital content: Colored LIST

  • Extensions for web browsers

  • Accessibility standards for compliance

  • Tools to test for accessibility compliance

  • Training, services and other resources

Adobe Acrobat Pro

  • Saving files to pdf

  • Combining pdf files

  • Inserting/Deleting pages

Adobe Sign

  • Installation and initial setup

  • Filling and signing your document

  • Getting others to sign a document

  • Establishing a work flow

Ask the Accessibility Expert

Do you have questions about:

  • Making Word, PDF, PowerPoint documents accessible

  • Creating accessible Canvas content and instructional materials

  • Making web content accessible

  • Captioning videos

  • Creating accessible charts and data tables

  • Purchasing accessible software, digital content or electronic instructional materials

Pre-submit accessibility questions to: Jonathan Gorges


  • Learn to capture video

  • Learn to annotate video

  • Learn to edit video

  • Learn to add effects

  • Learn to drop in PowerPoint Presentations

  • Learn how to add Webcam recording

  • Learn how to add closed captioning

Classroom Media

  • Be prepared and ready to use technology for meetings and assist faculty with questions

  • Use of classroom projectors, instructor workstations, document cameras, video displays

  • Connecting a laptop to the projector

Colleague: Desktop UI/Web UI/WebAdvisor/Self Service/Mobile

  • Learn how to use new features of Colleague WebUI navigation

  • Review, discuss, and demo tips and tricks on navigating Colleague via Desktop UI / Web UI

  • Use of favorites

  • Processing by using Saved Lists

  • Knowing the different mnemonics when searching for information

  • Using Web Advisor

  • Using Self Service for Students, Faculty, Support Team, and Staff

  • Features available on the Ellucian-Mobile

ConferZoom Introduction

ConferZoom is available for PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. The professional account is free for all California Community College employees (staff and faculty). Come learn how to use video conferencing to collaborate with colleagues or work with students.

  • Signing up for a ConferZoom account

  • Scheduling a meeting

  • Recording a meeting

  • Screen sharing

  • Remote control during a meeting

  • Using the whiteboard and other meeting tools

  • Scheduling a meeting from Outlook

ConferZoom Tips and Tricks

  • Optimizing Zoom settings

  • Using Breakout rooms

  • Virtual Backgrounds

  • Scheduling with Zoom meetings with CANVAS

  • Audio Transcripts

  • Zoom Recordings

  • Keyboard shortcuts and more

Creating Accessible Documents in Acrobat

  • Converting an accessible Word document into an accessible PDF file

  • Adding alternative tags for pictures and images

  • Changing tags

  • Changing reading order

  • Adding table row and column headers

  • Using the built in accessibility checker in Acrobat

Creating Accessible Documents with Word

  • Creating headings for document formatting and navigation

  • Creating alternative tags for pictures and images

  • Creating accessible tables

  • Creating lists

  • Using the built in accessibility checker

Creating and Remediating Accessible Charts and Tables

  • Describing a chart

  • Captions for charts

  • Presenting chart data in a list or table format

  • Table column and row headers

Electronic Timesheets

The Payroll Office is introducing a newly developed Electronic Timesheet via Laserfiche.
  • Learn about the change from paper forms to electronic forms

  • Learn how to complete timesheets online

  • Learn about the approval transitions from supervisor to Payroll Office Processing

Excel – Advanced

  • Looking up data with MATCH and INDEX formulas

  • Inserting PIVOT Tables and CHARTS to your data

  • Using MACROS to automate data manipulation

  • Using What-If Analysis to project numbers

Excel – Intermediate

  • Navigate spreadsheets

  • Freeze Panes; Side-by-Side Compare

  • Basic Formulas

  • Auto Complete; Auto Filter

Excel – Lookups

  • Learn to use various lookup functions to consolidate data

  • Learn to use “Insert Immune” lookup functions

  • Learn how to save lookup data for a stand-alone format

  • Learn how to decide which lookup function to use for your data

Excel – Tips and Tricks

  • Tables and ranges

  • Filters and slicers

  • Copying and pasting

  • Embedding and linking

  • Data validation

  • Learn to make Excel accessible

Excel – Work Session

  • Pre-submitted EXCEL problems to be solved in class

  • Pre-submitted EXCEL functions you want to learn how to use

  • Pre-submitted EXCEL functions/questions you want to learn more about

  • Pre-submit questions and problems to: Robert McKay

Fixing and Remediating Adobe PDF’s

Prerequisite: Accessibility 101 or 201 or equivalent training

  • Accessibility tools

  • Using the Accessibility Checker

  • Understanding the Accessibility Report

  • Touch Up Reading Order

  • Order Panel

  • Tags and document structure

  • Table editor

Galaxy Refresher

  • Financial screens

  • Requisition input

  • Purchasing view screens

  • Tips

HTML 101

  • Learn how tags work and the main ones used on the COD site

  • Learn how to do basic editing of HTML on the COD site

  • Learn how to troubleshoot your site when things are not working correctly


  • How to use type tools

  • The difference between vector and raster

  • How to save files for the web

  • Learn how to use the fill and stroke panel

  • Creating shape vectors

Jabber by Cisco

  • Installation and initial setup

  • Using Softphone

  • Using chat

Laserfiche Forms and Repository Overview

  • Learn how to access and use Laserfiche Forms and Laserfiche Repository

  • Using Laserfiche Inbox to manager and track your Laserfiche Form Submissions

  • How to find documents in Laserfiche Repository

Laserfiche Search Tips and Tricks

  • Understanding Standard Search functionality.

  • Expand on standard search functionality with Laserfiche search syntax.

  • Create complex searches including wildcards.

Microsoft Teams Hands On

This class will be held inside Microsoft Teams. You will be sent instructions when you register.

  • A quick revist to topics covered in the Intro course but now with a hands-on approach

  • Using the Post area to start conversations and the types of communication available inside posts

  • Adding apps and new tabs to top navigation of your Team

  • Document sharing and collaboration using Office 365 and OneNote 365

Microsoft Teams Intro

  • Access Microsoft Teams online and learn how to download the desktop version to your PC or Mac

  • Create your own team and invite your teammates to participate

  • Create channels, document libraries, and team meetings


  • How to make your file available both on and off campus

  • How to share files with others at COD

  • How to back up specific folders to your OneDrive

Optimizing Your Data With Informer

  • How to modify an existing Informer report

  • How create an Informer report

  • How to identify fields to use using Colleague Research Tools and Techniques


  • Managing the inbox (including multiple inboxes) for optimal performance

  • Staying organized by deleting old messages, using shortcut keys and archiving old messages

  • Tips for managing Calendars, meetings and appointments

  • Using Mail Merge

  • Recovering deleted messages.

Outlook at Home

  • Accessing the OWA (Outlook Web App)

  • Using the OWA (Outlook Web App)

  • Setting up Outlook on a home device


  • Learn to use basic tools

  • How to use text

  • What layers are and how to use them

  • How to optimize photos for the web


Learn how to:

  • Create slides

  • Add and format text

  • Insert illustrations and Excel charts

  • Embed videos in a slideshow

  • Apply transition effects and animations to objects

  • Make material accessible

Scantron 101

  • Ability to operate and use the new features of existing, plus new Scantron machines

  • Tips and tricks, from simple test marking, to more elaborate reports from ParScore.

Telecommuting Best Practices

  • How to best use your Home PC and remote PC

  • Using Jabber, Zoom, Adobe Sign

  • Common troubleshooting steps

  • General Q&A

Video Captions

  • How to upload a video to 3CMedia and have it captioned by the DECT (Distance Education Captioning And Transcription) Grant

Visio - Introduction

  • Working knowledge of Visio basics

  • Ability to create a diagram or chart

  • Understanding of built-in drawing and object manipulation function

Visio – Organizational Charts

  • Working knowledge of Visio Org Chart Templates

  • Ability to create an organization chart

  • Understanding of built-in accessibility features

Web Maintenance

  • Format text and lay out pages

  • Insert tables, pictures and watermarks

  • Check accessibility

  • Productivity tips and tricks

Windows 10/File Management

  • Changes for Windows 10

  • Customizing Windows 10

  • Productivity tips

  • Where are my files?

Word Templates Skill Building Session

  • Learn how to use a document template

  • Make documents easier to read for everyone

  • Apply what you learn in this hands-on session to update various college documents

Word Tips and Tricks

  • Format text and lay out pages

  • Insert tables, pictures and watermarks

  • Check accessibility

  • Productivity tips and tricks