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College of the Desert Transfer Advocates

Transfer Advocates are College of the Desert faculty who have volunteered to speak with students about their own university experience. Students can ask about a particular field of study, campus environments, or potential career paths. Contact a Transfer Advocate today to learn about the major or school in which you’re interested. Then, contact a counselor to learn more about the specific transfer requirements to help you meet your goals.

Transfer Advocates: By Major

Major College / University Advocate E-mail Address
Anthropology University of California Los Angeles Ellen Hardy
Biology Georgetown University Robert Rosteck
Business / Accounting California State University San Bernardino Kelly Hall
Business / Accounting University of Nebraska Christine Schaefer

​Business/ Accountancy ​California State University San Bernardino ​Pablo Romero*
Career Development John F. Kennedy University Christine Schaefer
Child Development & Psychology California State University San Bernardino

Donna Greene
​Civil Engineering/ Structural Engineering ​National Taiwan University ​Jack Lin  
California State University Fullerton Alejandro Jazan  

Computer Science & Mathematics University of California Santa Cruz & University of California Davis Geoff Hagopian

English California State Polytechnic University Pomona
California State Polytechnic University Pomona
“Gigi” Katherine Hummer

Christen Smith   

English California State Polytechnic University             
San Luis Obispo
Brian Fotinakes


Finance University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business

Maria Teresa Moulin
​History ​University of California Santa Cruz ​Oceana Collins


Liberal Studies San Francisco State University Eve-Marie Andrews
Liberal Studies

​Mathematics California State University San Marcos/ University of California Riverside  ​Laura Graff
​Mathematics California State Polytechnic University Pomona
​Bart Podlesny


Mathematics & Computer Science University of California Santa Cruz & University of California Davis

Geoff Hagopian
Mathematics San Diego State University Daniel Kleinfelter
Mathematics University of California Riverside Gabriela Maerean
Mathematics University of San Francisco Jim Matthews
Mathematics and Teaching Mathematics Emory University & University of California Davis Jim Matthews
​Mechanics  ​Michigan State University ​Jack Lin
Mental Health and Human Services

Franciscan University Jose Simo
​Music California State University Los Angeles ​​Gary Bergstrom
​Nursing ​University of Victoria ​Carol Scobie  
Political Science / International Relations University of California Davis Antoine (Tony) Clerc*

​Political Science ​University of California Los Angeles ​Sara Butler


Political Science / International Relations Boston University Antoine (Tony) Clerc*
Psychology Sonoma State University Jill Gover
Psychology Chapman University Donna Greene
Psychology University of California  Davis
Stephanie Herrington
Psychology/Clinical Counseling California State University San Bernardino

Linda Emerson
​Biological Psychology/ 
Addiction Psychology, Ph.D.

​University of Illinois: Chigago

Capella University

​Chris Jones- Cage
Psychology & Child Development California State University San Bernardino Donna Greene
​Biological Psychology ​California State University San Bernardino​
Evelyn Trejo* 


Social Science California State University San Bernardino Maria Jasso
Sociology California State University Fullerton Elise King
Sociology San Francisco State University Fred Sangorgio
Sociology California State University San Marcos Amber Black*
Spanish University of California Riverside Maria Teresa Moulin
Spanish Literature and Linguistics

California State University San Bernardino/ 
University of Northern Iowa
Artel Garcia​

​Teaching ​California State University: Los Angeles and San Bernardino ​Gary Bergstrom
Theater & Communications

Zoology University of Tennessee Knoxville

Robert Rosteck
* College of the Desert Alumni