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Print Center and Lab

Computer Lab

The Office of Student Life's lab has 10 available computers for students printing and studying needs. To utilize a computer, students must first check and sign in with one of our student workers.

*Computers in lab are strictly for educational purposes only. No food or drinks are allowed in the computer lab. Headphones are requiered for the use of any audio or video media.

The TASC also offers other printing options such as color prints and printing front to back; visit myCODprint for more information and pricing.


Prints are single sided, and in black ink only. No back to back or color printing is available.

*Cash Only. We appologize for the inconvinience, but we DO NOT accept bills larger than $10

  • $1 Print Card = 10 Prints

  • $3 Print Card = 30 Prints +3 bonus

  • $5 Print Card = 50 Prints +5 bonus

  • $10 Print Card = 100 Prints + 10 bonus

  • Single Prints = 15 cents per page

  • Faxing = 80 cents per page

Print Area Hours

Days of Week Fall Winter Spring Summer
Monday - Thursday TBD* TBD* TBD* TBD*
Friday TBD* TBD* TBD* TBD*