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Student Clubs

Student Clubs (Active as of June 15, 2015) 

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Club/Organization Name
Active Minds at COD
President: Chris Hernandez
Advisor: Denise Diamond
Active Minds at COD's purpose is to increase awareness of the students, faculty, and staff at College of the Desert about mental health and the stigmas behind them.
Alas Con Futuro
President:  Minerva Montane      
Advisor: Tula Marin
Alas Con Futuro is committed to providing moral support and promoting the educational growth and goals of each of its members, facilitating information on financial resources, educating our community regarding current educational opportunities for undocumented students, and bringing awareness to the larger community about AB 540, Cal Dream Act, Deferred Action, and immigration changes.
Art Club
President:  Jennifer Jurgens                    
Advisor: Lisa Soccio
The purpose of this organization shall be to raise awareness of and promote involvement in arts activities on campus and in the community.
Automotive Technology Club
President:  Marquez Darrington
Advisor: Keith Prouty II
The purpose of this organization shall be to serve all College of the Desert students and staff, as well as outsiders to promote the Automotive Technology Department.
Ballet Folklorico
President: Osman Mejia
Advisor: Maria Jasso
Advisor: Marisol Reyes
Ballet Folklorico “Sabor a mi Tierra” is committed to, but not limited to, the following: promote educational growth and support of each other in cultural diversity of our nation; promote interaction, involvement, entertainment and inform the community about the Hispanic origins and its ancestral cultures, encourage and support high standards of student achievement
Biology Club
President:  Juan Castellanos                        
Advisor: Robert Rosteck
Advisor: Anthony Tesch  
The ultimate mission of the Biology Club is to provide students with information and support that will aid them in attaining their goal of becoming professionals. It will illustrate the various biology-related career options that are available, through presentations by various experts in our community. The Biology Club will provide students with opportunities for expanding their personal growth and experience in the biology-related field of their choice. Finally, it will provide an environment in which biology students can interact with other students of similar interests.
Coachella Valley Business and Entrepreneurship
President:  Ruben Gamez-Ramirez
Advisor: Kelly Hall
The purpose of this club shall be to stimulate a successful business atmosphere in the Coachella Valley. To connect members with potential internships. Match members with applicable scholarship awards. Network members with local professionals.
COD American Sign Language Club
President:  Steven Castañeda
Advisor: Liisa Mendoza
The purpose of this organization shall be to improve and foster communication between the hearing and the Deaf communities through American Sign Language and awareness of Deaf Culture.
COD Architecture Club (CODAC)
President: Zachary McCoy
Advisor: Bert Bitanga
The purpose of this Organization shall be to stimulate an interest and understanding of architecture and the environment.
COD Crochet and Knitting Club
President: Eliaguim Hernandez
Advisor: Maggie Hardy
The purpose of this organization shall be to initiate the beginning of the learning process for knitting and crocheting.
COD Dramatic Arts Company
President: Miranda Hane                           
Advisor: Russell Dean
COD Dramatic Arts Company's purpose is to stimulate art interest and appreciation for the theater arts at College of the Desert, as well as the community.
COD Friends of the Earth
President: Janet Quintero-Leon                  
Advisor: Jay Lewenstein
COD Friends of the Earth's purpose is to develop meaningful leadership skills, the members strive to develop important interpersonal skills that will spur their growth in the class room and in the professional world.
COD History Club
President: Gustavo Montane                     
Advisor: Oceana Collins
The purpose of this organization is to learn, educate, and promote the importance and relevance of history through activities, while engage club members, COD students and the surrounding community.
Desert Cru
President:  Rebekah Flareau
Advisor: Douglas Redmon
Advisor: Florante Roa
The purpose of this organization shall be to glorify God through bringing a counter-cultural revival of Christian love to College of the Desert.
Desert Ecologic Club
President: Salvador Carbajal           
Advisor: Kurt Leuschner               
Advisor: Candice Webber
Desert Ecologic Club is dedicated to learning about conservation, ecology, and the preservation of the natural resources within our communities.
Desert Ranchers
President:  Joseph Borja
Advisor: Jeffrey Place
The purpose of this organization shall be to develop leadership among students interested in the field of Agriculture, Turf Management and Horticulture. To serve our community whenever possible.
Early Childhood Education Club
President: Michelle Hilario
Advisor: Donna Greene
Advisor: Anthony Verive
The purpose of Early Childhood Education club is to provide professional development for future teachers, specific to early childhood education. Acquainting pre-service teachers with the support available from professors of early childhood education.
President:  Lubos Vomacka
Advisor: Catherine Levitt
The purpose of this organization shall be to provide; Economic, Business and Political Science majors a vast opportunity to group the interest of economics and discuss current events as well as provide students with guest speakers who discuss their occupation and explain their initiation in such occupations.
Gay Straight Alliance
President: Manases Hernandez                           Advisor: Victor Rios                                       Advisor: Lee Ann Weaver
The purpose of the Gay Straight Alliance is to initiate education programs and functions which enable LGBTQ students become aware of and involved in our college and community, to engage in and support activities, both on and off campus, which are directed toward social consciousness and the intellectual, emotional and physical well-being and liberation of all LGBTQ people.
Health Occupation Students of America  (HOSA)
President:  Tamara Escobar                       
Advisor: Hilary McKay                                            
The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill, and leadership development of all health science technology education students, therefore, helping students to meet the needs of the health care community.
M.E.Ch.A of COD
President: Ericka Ortiz
Advisor: Kathlyn Enciso
The purpose is to raise political, social, and cultural awareness through intellectual activism. We are on a consciousness- raising journey to empower ourselves in order to strengthen our connections to our heritage and our roots as a means of giving back to the community.
President: Hamzah Alshatari                        
Advisor: Carl Farmer 
The purpose of this organization shall be to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to the college students and offer guidance to those seeking careers in the STEM fields.
President:  Garrett Stevens                            
Advisor: Ed Reed 
Our objective is to help create a safe, drug free, clean gaming environment. Most "gamers" are introverts and by sharing a common interest we help build social skills, friendships, and help express their opinions as well as ideas.
Secular Student Alliance
President: Mallory Sunshine                     Advisor: Melissa Flora 
Advisor: Geoff Hagopian
The purpose of this organization is to provide a community for non-theistic students such as agnostics and atheists, as well as to promote friendly discussion of secular and non-religious issues, such as separation of church and state and non- theism, along with scientific subjects.
Student Nurses' Association
President:  Jeffrey Contreras             
Advisor:  Sarah Fry
The purpose of this organization is to promote academic excellence within our student body while promoting the nursing profession and well-being of our community.
Student Veterans Organization
President: Frank Ytarralde                
Advisor:  Antoine Clerc
The Student Veterans Organization is a social organization geared towards veterans, we provide support and resources for student veterans at CoD. While being an active chapter of Student Veterans of America.
President: Manuel Rodriguez              
Advisor: Tula Marin
The purpose of this organization is to promote transfer opportunities for our members, and conduct community service in the Coachella Valley.