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Student Clubs and Organizations

At College of the Desert, the Office of Student Life supports student clubs and organizations that serve the diverse interests of our students. Clubs/Organizations are composed of students with like-minded interests who come together for a common purpose and/or to support a particular cause. There are recreational, educational, political, cultural, religious, and service clubs and organizations, as well as other groups that all COD students are eligible to join. Students are also encouraged to form additional clubs to meet their special needs or interests. 

All clubs/organizations must submit an ASCOD Student Club/Organization Charter Packet annually in order to receive official recognition from COD. Charter Packets are available at the Office of Student Life​.

Complete the ASC​OD Student Club/Organization Charter Packet and submit to the Office of Student Life.​

Please note that all clubs/organizations must re-charter at the beginning of every academic year, and have a one month grace period to re-charter before voting and membership privileges to the Inter-Club Council are revoked.

The Club Charter Packet must include:

  • Application for Charter

  • Advisor Agreement

    The Primary Advisor must be a Full-Time Faculty Member and/or Full-Time Classified Staff Member of the Desert Community College District. The Co-Advisor may be any College Employee (excluding student workers).

  • Completed Club and Organization Roster

    Recruit a minimum of 10 student members who can provide their student ID number. Registration will be verified.

  • Club/Organization Account Authorized Signature Form

    Elect officers for your club and include their contact information in the charter packet.

  • Club/Organization Constitution and Bylaws.

    The Constitution and Bylaws must contain a Statement of Non-Discrimination.

The ASCOD Student Senate meets on Mondays. Charter Packets must be submitted at least one week prior to a meeting in order to be considered. You will be notified via email by the ASCOD Student Senate Vice President when your club/organization is approved for full recognition.

Charter Existing or Inactive Club/Organization

If you are interested in chartering a club/organization that is either existing or inactive, please pick up an ASCOD Student Club/Organization Re-Charter Packet at the Office of Student Life.