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The Desert Community College District, to the fullest extent possible, ensures that students, faculty and staff who are victims of sexual assault committed on or upon the grounds of facilities maintained by the District, shall receive treatment and information to deal with the assault. Sexual assault includes, but is not limited to rape, sodomy, oral copulation, rape by a foreign object, sexual battery, or threat of sexual assault.

The District recognizes one of the most important ways to assist students, faculty and staff who are victims of sexual assault is to help them regain a sense of control over their lives. It is not the function of any district service provider to urge a particular course of action upon the victim of a sexual assault, not to make any factual determinations as to the events which occurred. Instead they are to help make the victim aware of the options and alternatives available, to aid the victim in making an informed decision as to a course of action, and to enable the victim to follow through in that decision. The provider will not take any action based upon a subjective evaluation as to the merit of any charges made, nor will they attempt to convince the victim that any course of action is preferable to another.

Applicable state and federal provisions will be applied in maintaining confidentiality in handling of all sexual assault cases. Individual rights to privacy in these matters will dictate District policy practice and procedure.

The District Sexual Assault Liaison (SAL) is designated as a central referral source for information relating to the rights, options, and services available to a sexual assault victim. The Sexual Assault Liaison has been designated as the Executive Director, Human Resources and Labor Relations. The school nurse, counselors and Public Safety can also assist with this information and assist with contacting the SAL.

Upon request the District will do everything possible to assist the victim with a change in academic schedule.

The victim and the accused are entitled to both have someone present during the disciplinary hearing. Both parties will be informed of the outcome of any sanctions taken as a result of the disciplinary hearing. If found guilty of a sex offense the district maintains the right to expel the accused from any and all campus controlled and owned by the Desert Community College District.

The Public Safety Department in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act every April will host Sexual Assault Awareness month. Informational material will be provided and Public Safety Officers will be available to assist with information.​