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​Crime Log 2016


 Crime Log for 01/01/2016 to 12/31/2016

Report Number140304
Incident459 Vehicle
Occurred Date3/14/2016
LocationLot #14
SummaryVehicle broken into Items taken
DispositionRSO #T140630095
Report NumberPD20170626-1
IncidentVerbal Altercation
Occurred Date3/7/2016
LocationBeeps Cafe
SummaryThree students engaged in a heated verbal altercation.
DispositionCase Closed
Report NumberPD20170626-2
IncidentMedical Emergency
Occurred Date3/9/2016
LocationParking Lot 15
SummaryFemale Staff member called 911 to report medical emergency on herself
DispositionFemale was transported by Paramedics to Eishenhower.
Report NumberEVC20170626-1
IncidentSuspicious Substance
Occurred Date2/22/2016
LocationArt 105 Classroom
SummaryInstructor found a bag with green leafy substance left behind after a class.
DispositionCase Closed substance turned over to Riverside Sheriffs Office
Report NumberPD20170626-3
IncidentDisruptive Conduct
Occurred Date3/16/2016
LocationScience Building
SummaryStudent Disrupting Class was escorted from class
DispositionCase Closed
Report NumberPD20170626-4
IncidentNon-Compliant 290 Registrant Arrest
Occurred Date3/29/2016
LocationNorth End of the Football Field at Boone Field
SummarySubject wanted by Riverside County Sheriffs Office was located near football stadium restrooms
DispositionCase Closed.
Report NumberPD20170626-6
IncidentVehicle Collision
Occurred Date3/30/2016
LocationLot 28 Parking Lot
SummaryTraffic collision occurred in parking lot 28
DispositionCase Closed RSO contacted by private parties
Report NumberPD20170626-7
IncidentMedical Issue 5150
Occurred Date4/4/2016
LocationStudent Health Services
SummaryStudent suffering from mental health issues
DispositionCase Closed.
Report NumberPD20170626-8
IncidentMedical issue 5150 Supplemental
Occurred Date4/4/2016
SummaryPreviously enrolled student previously known to PSD returned to campus after being dropped from rolls
DispositionCase Closed.  CalFire transported subject to Eisenhower
Report NumberEVC20170626-2
Occurred Date4/5/2016
LocationSecond Floor Restroom
SummaryGraffiti found in the second floor mens restroom
DispositionCase Closed.
Report NumberPD20170626-9
IncidentMedical Transport
Occurred Date4/4/2016
LocationStudent Health
SummaryStudent having chest pains
DispositionStudent transported by CalFire to Esienhower
Report NumberPD20170626-11
Incident602 Trespass
Occurred Date4/5/2016
LocationBeeps Cafe
SummarySubject previously enrolled came back to campus and 602 form filed
DispositionCase Closed.
Report NumberPD20170626-12
Occurred Date4/7/2016
LocationCravens Student Center
SummaryGraffiti in the mens second floor restroom
DispositionCase Closed
Report NumberPD20170626-13
IncidentTraffic Accident
Occurred Date4/11/2016
LocationParking Lot 28
SummaryStudents involved in traffic accident
DispositionCase Closed Calfire and RSO called
Report NumberPD20170626-14
IncidentSexual Assault
Occurred Date4/14/2016
LocationOff Campus
SummaryStudent was sexually assaulted by another student off campus
DispositionCase Closed Victim was given resources and options to report to authorities
Report NumberPD20170626-15
IncidentStudent Conduct #12
Occurred Date4/20/2016
LocationBump & Grind Trail off campus class trip
SummaryStudent took inappropriate pictures of fellow students while on a hike
DispositionCase Pending review Student Discipline
Report NumberPD20170626-16
IncidentBicycle Theft
Occurred Date4/28/2016
LocationWest Side of Gym
SummaryBicycle stolen on west side of gym
DispositionCase Closed. No Witnesses
Report NumberPD20170626-17
IncidentFalse Fire Alarm
Occurred Date5/3/2016
LocationSocial Sciences 12
SummaryFalse Alarm by Simplex Fire System Dust on smoke detector
DispositionCase Closed. 
Report NumberPD20170626-18
Occurred Date5/3/2016
LocationStudent Life Lounge
SummarySubject known to PSD previously 602'd returned to campus causing disturbance.
DispositionCase closed RSO transported subject off campus
Report NumberPD20170626-19
Incident602 Trespass
Occurred Date5/4/2016
LocationMAL Library
SummarySubject causing disturbance in library previously 602 filed
DispositionCase Closed Subject transported to Indio Jail by Riverside Sheriffs Office T16250178
Report NumberPD20170626-20
IncidentProperty Damage
Occurred Date5/9/2016
LocationParking Lot 28
SummaryStudent found car damaged
DispositionCase Closed.  RSO informed student that college not liable for damages and given Report number for insurance company
Report NumberPD20170626-21
Incident415 PC
Occurred Date5/9/2016
LocationCravens Student Service Center
SummaryStudent made threatening remarks to faculty member
DispositionCase Closed.  Suspect left premises
Report NumberPD20170626-22
IncidentMedical Transport
Occurred Date5/10/2016
LocationSimonds Fitness Center
SummaryStudent was experiencing back pain
DispositionCase Closed.  EMS M33 and E 33 transported student to Eisenhower Medical Center
Report NumberPD20170626-23
IncidentTraffic Accident
Occurred Date5/16/2016
LocationParking lot 28`
SummaryStudent involved in a minor damage traffic accident
DispositionCase Closed. 
Report NumberPD20170626-24
Incident602 Trespass
Occurred Date5/16/2016
LocationMens Locker room Gym
SummaryHomeless subject trying to break in to lockers (Subject previously 602 filed)
DispositionCase Closed.  RSO transported subject off campus
Report NumberPD20170626-25
IncidentMedical Incident Seizure
Occurred Date5/19/2016
LocationCommunications Building 212
SummaryStudent suffered seizure
DispositionStudent transported by CalFire to Eisenhower Medical Center for treatment
Report NumberPD20170626-26
IncidentHit and Run
Occurred Date5/18/2016
LocationParking Lot 28
SummaryHit and Run accident
DispositionCase Closed. RSO T161390134
Report NumberPD20170626-27
IncidentVehicle Collision
Occurred Date5/23/2016
LocationParking Lot 17
SummaryStaff driving golf cart was hit by car backing out
DispositionCase Closed.  No damage or injury
Report NumberPD20170626-28
Occurred Date5/23/2016
LocationParking Lot 1
SummaryStudent flagged officer down to report they did not feel well
DispositionStudent transported by CalFire to Eisenhower Medical Center
Report NumberPD20170626-29
IncidentTraffic Collision
Occurred Date6/12/2016
LocationExterior Campus Fence near PSA Southbound San Pablo
SummarySubject collided his vehicle with exterior fence of campus.
DispositionCase Closed.  RSO cited driver and impounded vehicle.
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