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Guided Pathways

Pillar 4 Team

Oscar Espinosa-Parra
Dean, Enrollment Services,                  Co-Chair   

Jorge Perez, Instructional Faculty (GE),                        Co-Chair 

Douglas Benoit
Instructional Dean 

Dau Mayo
OAC Chair/Designee

Alison Airhart
FDC Chair/designee  

Eddie Vaca
CTE Faculty

Linda Emerson                      Instructional Faculty (GE)

Jin An-Dunning

Library Director

Gary Williams
SWF Steering Committee Member

Beatriz Sarabia-Payan
Director of Non-Credit/Designee

Brian Thompson
Manager, College and Career Pathways

Prudence Bailey
CTE Program Specialist

Marvin Gabut
DE Program Coordinator

Florante Roa
Director, Sys Management

MJ Cuatle

David Dominguez

Brando Ortega                                       Student


​​Student Worker

Guided Pathways Pillar 4 Team


Collaborate with and advise the campus community on activities associated with the 4th Pillar of the Guided Pathways Framework. Recommend and plan activities that support efforts to ensure and validate Learning


  • Support campus wide -culturally relevant curriculum, career advancement & growth mindset

  • Professional development for CTE faculty - industry currency

  • Curriculum design per meta-major

  • Acceleration transitions to content level courses

  • Aligned Learning outcomes (SLOs, PLOs, etc.)

  • Support articulation with four-year institutions

  • Support Internships, work experience

  • Explore Cost effective Textbooks / OER

  • Support Transfer relationships and agreements

  • Support Workforce Outcomes

  • Support Aligning Curriculum with industry needs

    Meetings Dates and Time

1:00PM - 3:00PM - COMM Classroom 104

1:00PM - 1:30 PM - General Sessions 2nd Friday of the month, COMM Rooms 111-112

September 13 & 27, October 11 & 25, November 8 & 22, NO December meetings

​​    Minutes and Agendas​​

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