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Formatting Word Documents for Importing Pools and Test

Blackboard is able to import properly formatted text from a Word document into a pool or test. Therefore you can easily work in Word as you create pools and tests, following the directions below for proper formatting.

The two websites listed below have tutorials on how to properly work first with Word documents, then cut-and-paste your text into a converter for final formatting

BYUI's Blackboard Test Generator
CSI's Blackboard Quiz Generator

COD does not support these external websites and their processes, nor does ITIR provide help for them. We are simply bringing your attention to these sites.

Now that you have properly formatted and exported from the converter, here are the steps to take to import your pool or test:

  1. Log in to Blackboard, and click on one of your course links
  2. Click on the Control Panel link if it is not already open
  3. Click on the Course Tool link
  4. Click on the Test, Surveys, and Pools button
  5. If you want to create a Test click the Tests link or if you want to create a pool of questions, click Pools
  6. Click the Build Pool (or Test) link
  7. Give the Pool (or Test) a name, and click the Submit button
  8. Click the Upload Questions button
  9. Click the Browse button, navigate to the formatted text file to upload, then click the Open button
  10. Assign a point value per question, then click the Submit button
  11. Your questions are now uploaded into the Pool (or Test) Manager, and can be modified as needed. Do not forget to deploy your test into a Content Area, setting all the Test Options that you need.