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What are DE Courses? 

Distance education has become a highly desirable means of course delivery to meet current student educational needs at College of the Desert.  The Desert Community College District serves a sizable portion of the rural regions of Riverside County, primarily in the Coachella Valley.  As a result, distance education provides a tremendous advantage for those students who have trouble getting to the campus or who have schedules that do not allow them to take classes scheduled at specific times. 

College of the Desert defines “distance education” as a formal interaction which uses one or more technologies to deliver instruction to students who are separated by the instructor and which supports regular and effective interaction between the students and the instructor, either synchronously or asynchronously.

The distance education formats offered at College of the Desert include both online and hybrid courses.  These distance education courses include a variety of media-based enhancements, pedagogical approaches, and instructional methods and techniques – including but are not limited to online discussion boards and synchronous chat.  These alternatives to traditional on-campus instruction make our online modes of delivery increasingly popular.