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Requesting a New I-20

Changing Your Major:

US DHS requires that your I-20 always reflect your accurate major.  Your major can be found on item #5 on the first page of your I-20.  Please check where it says,
“The student named above has been accepted for a full course of study at this school, majoring in__________________”
Please make sure that the major listed on your I- 20 is what you are actually studying NOW.
If you are studying a different major than what is listed on your I-20, you must get a new I-20 from the International Student Office.
If this will require an extension of your program end date, we must have the following before the change can be approved:
            a.  Original bank statement indicating the full amount needed to complete your program.
            b.  Affidavit of support form signed by your sponsor
            c.  Your new major
Please consult with the IEP Director about the additional time and funding needed to complete your new major.  Our office will provide you with the current affidavit of support form.  Once you have the above three items, please come to the International Student Office and we will be able to process a new I-20 for you.  Updated I-20s will be ready within 3 working days.
Please remember that each time you change your major, you will need to get a new I-20.

Expiring I-20 and Requesting a Program Extension:

International students are granted a period of time to complete your studies at COD.  Most of you have received 2.5 years (29 months) as this is our estimate of how long it takes the average student to complete an A.A. degree.  However, please look at item #5 on the first page of your I-20 to determine your exact allowed period of study.  The expiration date listed on item #5 of your I-20 is the date by which you should complete your studies.
In certain cases, students may be eligible for a “program extension”.  This is granted on a case-by-case basis only.  Usual causes for a program extension would be due to medical reasons, changes of major, ESL courses taken upon arrival or additional pre-requisite requirements that extend a student’s program.
US DHS is very specific that academic probation or repeated course withdrawals are not valid reasons for program extensions.  Students in this situation will be denied program extension and will be considered out of status.  Reinstatement will be required for students who cannot complete their program due to academic probation.
If you feel that you are eligible for a program extension, you must make an appointment with Jennifer Julian in order to discuss your situation and apply for a new I-20.  Please call 776-7205 to schedule an appointment or contact iep@collegeofthedesert.edu.
You will need to bring the following to the appointment:
            a.  Original bank statement indicating US $17,520 from your sponsor
            b.  Affidavit of support form signed by your sponsor
            c.  Graduation Evaluation indicating the amount of time required to complete you degree.  
                 This can be obtained by meeting with your Counselor. 
Program extensions can be issued for a period of up to one year only.  Program extensions will only be granted for the time that is needed to complete your specific degree program.  Our office will provide you with the current affidavit of support form.​
Updated I-20s will be ready within 3 working days.

Lost I-20s:

If you have lost your I-20, you will be able to get a re-print of your I-20 at the International Student Office.  Students who are currently in status are eligible to have a re-printed I-20 issued to them.