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Work Study

Work Study is comprised of both the Federal Work Study (FWS) and Alumni Work Study (AWS) programs.  These programs provides part-time employment in order to earn money to help pay for educational costs for those students with (FWS) or without (WS) financial need. The amount of a Work-Study award depends on the student's financial need (FWS) and the availability of funds at College of the Desert. Pay rates may vary, but will not be less than the current minimum wage and students generally work 15 hours per week or less (but not more than 20).

Applying for Work Study Jobs

When applying for a Work-Study job at College of the Desert, be sure to follow these steps:

1) Complete the FAFSA application and any supporting documentation to determine your eligibility for Work-Study.

2) Search for open Work-Study positions available at College of the Desert's Job​       Hub.

3) After you have identified a position for which you wish to apply, please follow the application 
    instructions.  Each school year students can start working as early as July 1, depending upon 
    available funding and departmental needs. 

For additional information please call the Financial Aid Office at (760) 773-2532.