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What's New?

Each year changes are made to federal, state and institutional financial aid programs and services.  These changes impact both students and institutions.  In order to help you prepare for these coming changes, the Financial Aid Office is sending out this email notification.  The information will also be posted on the Financial Aid Office website. 

Electronic Forms (E-Forms) 

In an effort to streamline processing, you can now complete many of your financial aid documents online. First, login to the Portal and view any missing information in WebAdvisor under Financial Aid - Financial Aid Documents. Then return to the Portal homepage and on the bottom left-side of the page click on Financial Aid Forms and select the desired document(s). Upon completing and submitting the form(s) it will be forwarded to the Financial Aid Office. No signature is required from students. Parents of dependent students will need to sign and return form(s) to the Financial Aid Office separately. 


Tax Return Transcripts
Students can now retrieve their IRS tax return transcripts immediately by going to and clicking on Get Transcripts of your Tax Records under the Tools menu.  This functionality will enable students to complete their financial aid file faster by not having to wait for the IRS to mail or fax the needed documents. 
BOG Fee Waivers
Beginning Fall 2016, the BOG Fee Waiver eligibility will be tied to student academic progress.  Students on academic probation for Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 will lose BOTH their priority registration AND BOG Fee Waiver eligibility. More information will be provided in the coming semesters on this subject.


Books and Supplies Preauthorization

A credit will be pre-authorized for all CA resident students awarded a Pell Grant AND enrolled at least half-time (6 units) to purchase books and supplies thru the COD Bookstore for the 2014-2015 academic year. For students whose files have been completed, the following information can be used to determine how much bookstore credit will be received:
FAFSA EFC Range                    Bookstore Pre-Authorization Amount

0 to 3,700                                $500.00
3,701 to 4,600                          $250.00
Qualifying students may request an increase to their authorization to purchase books above their initial authorization.  Additionally, CA resident students enrolled less-than half-time or higher EFC students can contact the Financial Aid Office to see if they can qualify for an authorization.
The credit authorizations will usually be available until the second week of the term.  Bookstore charges will be posted to your student account which will be paid by the first disbursement of your Pell Grant.  Students not wishing to use the bookstore authorization will receive the first disbursement of their Pell Grant funds on the first disbursement date of the term.  For more information please contact the Financial Aid Office.