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​TRIO Mentors

The Trio program has 7 Mentors this Spring semester to assist students in their journey through college. Mentor students are near graduation and have accumulated a great deal of practical advice and skills to share with fellow students.  They attend trainings each semester and are actively involved in TRIO activities. Some even hold officer positions in the club.
Mentor Aaron Ortiz 2.jpg
Mentor Aaron Ortiz
I am 19 years old and I am completing my fourth semester.  I am planning to transfer to a four-year institution after I complete the requirements satisfactorily. My primary goal is to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry as well as a license to be able to work as a Chemist.   
Mentor Carmen Galva.jpg
Mentor Carmen Galvan
Hello, my name is Carmen Galvan. I am 21 years old. This is my third semester in COD; I will graduate in the summer 2014. Transferring to San Bernardino University into the nutrition program, I plan on getting my masters in nutrition.With my goals set i plan on working as a professional nutritionist in a hospital.

Mentor Chris Diaz.jpg
Mentor Chris Diaz
I am 25 years old. I am in my 5th semester, and I will transfer after the fall semester to Cal Poly Pomona. I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in International business. Then, I plan on attaining a Masters in Business Administration. I plan on working for a renewable energy company.

Mentor Ana Vallejo.jpg
Mentor Ana Vallejo
I am 20 years old this is my 5th semester. I will graduate in the spring 2014 and transferring to San Bernardino University to get my Bachelor’s in Math. Also, I plan to continue and get my master’s and become a high school math teacher.

Mentor Mark Magana.jpg
Mentor Mark Magana

I am currently enrolled in my fifth semester here at COD, and I am on track to graduate with my A.S. in Liberal Arts by the end of this year. After, I will transfer to a CSU to work on my Bachelor's degree in pre-kinesiology, and then attend graduate school to fulfill my Doctorate's in Physical Therapy (DPT). My journey here at COD has been amazing! The TRiO staff is always here for their students. This is my second semester as a mentor, and it has been pretty fun. It's really great to have the help of people who have been here for a while. I look forward to the semester!


Mentor Yanet Cortez

My name is Yanet Cortez. I am 19 years young. I am a full time student here at college of the desert. I am TRiO club president, a mentor for the TRiO program, and a part time employee at Starbucks. I am a communications major, and love public speaking. This is my fourth semester at college of the desert, and am planning to graduate and transfer spring 2014 to either UCLA, CSULB or CSUN. In the near future I see myself traveling the world, eating great food from different countries, and meeting new people from different cultures (no, not like the movie Eat, Pray, Love). I hope to better my community by first, bettering myself through an education, and by inspiring others through my actions to do the same.


Mentor Katrina Clarke

I am currently in my fourth semester at the College of the Desert and will achieve my Liberal Arts degree in 2015. I will transfer to California State University and get my Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. My plan is to obtain my Master’s Degree in Leadership Skills and run an Occupational Therapy Program at a hospital. College of the Desert has been a very positive experience and I appreciate the help the TRIO program has given me. I look forward to helping new TRIO students obtain their goals.