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College of the Desert Announces the 14U Roadrunner Championship to be held Saturday and Sunday November 8th and 9th
8 Teams - A Champion will be crowned - Trophies Awarded
Games Played on the Main Campus Collegiate Fields
$325 Entry Fee Per Team - 4 Game Guarantee!
Lets begin Signing Up So You Can Secure a Spot
We will film the final two Championship Games on Sunday played in the Main Stadium!

Saturday November 8th
9:00 AM - Sudden Impact (Beaumont) vs Desert Snipers (Main Field)
9:00 AM - Rancho Mirage vs Laces (Yucca Valley) (Field 2)
11:00 - AM Rancho Mirage vs Desert Snipers (Main Field)
11:00 AM - Laces (Yucca Valley) vs Sudden Impact (Field 2)
1:00 PM - Fogball (Brawley) vs Dynasty (Lilly) (Main Field)
1:00 PM - Cyclones (Orange County) vs Desert Prospects (Field 2)
3:00 PM - Dynasty (Lilly) vs Cyclones (Orange County) (Main Field)
3:00 PM - Fogball vs Desert Prospects (Field 2)
Sunday Championship Play
9:00 AM Silver Bracket Seed 1 versus 4 (main field)
9:00 AM Silver Bracket Seed 2 versus 3 (Field 2)
11:00 AM Silver Bracket Championship (Main Field)
11:00 AM Silver Bracket Consolation Game (Field 2)
1:00 PM Gold Bracket Seed 1 versus 4 (main field)
1:00 PM Gold Bracket Seed 2 versus 3 (Field 2)
3:00 PM Gold Bracket Championship Game (Main Field)
3:00 PM Gold Bracket Consolation Game (Field 2)



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Congratulations to the Lady Bruins who won the 2nd Annual Back to School Tournament hosted by College of the Desert
ladybruins (2).jpg 
2013 Desert Scratch-Back 18U Champions!
Diamond Runners
Congratulations to the Diamond Runners - Champions of the 2013 Desert Scratch-Back!


LA Cougars from Desert Scratch-Back 2013 after struggling on Saturday the Cougars came roaring back on Sunday and won both games - The Cougars won the Morning Bracket - Congratulations Ladies
Please Come Back I really enjoyed this team!!! 
photo (47).JPG
2013 Sudden Impact Gold - January's Back to School Tournament Champions at College of the Desert's Main Stadium
Ayanna Murphy (1).jpg
14 Year Old Ayanna Murphy of CV Wrath hit a 265 foot homerun at the College of the Desert Back to School Tournament!