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College of the Desert's Back to School Travel Ball Tournament
Friday Jan. 4th - Saturday Jan. 5th- Sunday Jan. 6th
18U Travel Ball Tournament
12 Team Tournament
$200 Entry Fee Per Team

Congratulations Sudden Impact Gold - Tournament Champions!!!
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Friday Jan. 4th
Field #1 (Main Field) 8:00 AM                                               
Dynasty defeated D-Backs                                                       
Field #1 (Main Field) 10:00 AM                                            Field #2 10:00 AM
Dynasty defeated Blythe Sting                                   Nationals defeated Sudden Impact 18A
Field #1 (Main Field) 12:00 PM                                               Field #2 12:00 AM
D-Backs defeated Blythe Sting                               Lady Bruins defeated Sudden Impact 18A
Field #1 2:00 PM                                                                                     Field #2 2:00 PM
Desert Prospects defeated CV Wrath                                    Lady Bruins defeated Nationals
Saturday Jan. 5th
Field #1 (Main Field) 8:00 AM                                               
Sudden Impact Gold defeated CV Wrath                                         
Field #1 (Main Field) 10:00 AM                                             Field #2 10:00 AM Desert Prospects defeated Sudden Impact Gold      Sudden Impact 18A defeated Blythe Sting
Field #1 (Main Field) 12:00 PM                                                 
CV Wrath defeated Blythe Sting                                              
                                          Field #1 (Main Field) 2:00 PM                                                  
                     Sudden Impact 18A defeated CV Wrath to win                                                     Consolation Championship                                                     
Sunday Jan. 6th
Field #1 (Main Field) 8:00 AM                                                   Field #2 8:00 AM
Sudden Impact Gold defeated D-Backs                     Desert Prospects defeated Nationals
Field #1 (Main Field) 10:00 AM                                                 Field #2 10:00 AM
Sudden Impact Gold defeated Lady Bruins                   Desert Prospects defeated Dynasty
Field #1 (Main Field) 12:00 PM                                                 Field #2 12:00 AM
lady Bruins defeated Dynasty                                          D-Backs defeated Nationals
Field #1 (Main Field) 2:00 PM                                                  
Tournament Championship
Sudden Impact Gold defeated Desert Prospects     
Ayanna Murphy.jpg14 Year Old Ayanna Murphy of Coachella Valley and the CV Wrath - hit a 260 foot homerun to deep center field -1/5/13 - on College of the Desert's Main Field 
Congratulations Sudden Impact Gold - Tournament Champions!