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Please continue to be patient - we are working hard to get the video up as soon as possible - computer number 2 is actually in the shop getting upgraded so we can complete the task - we had no idea that we would completely fill the hard drive - Keep checking and we will keep working Happy Holidays!!!
Back in Business - Just got the computer back today (Friday Jan.28th) and reloaded all the video clips and have started 
the task of building all over again - the video is rolling out so keep checking the tabs for the latest!
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 Player Bios

​Player Name ​Pos ​Grad ​# ​Travel Team ​High School Email​ Video​
Claresha Clemons​ ​P/OF ​2014 ​38 ​Dynasty ​Palm Springs video_camera.png

​Gabrielle Valencia ​C/UT 20​16 ​28 ​Lady Bruins ​Kaiser
​Maritsa Cardona ​P/IF ​2015 ​23 ​Lady Bruins ​Saint Thomas Aquinas
Victoria Avalos​ ​P/IF ​2015 ​25 ​Lady Bruins ​A.B. Miller
​Salena Salinas ​P/UT ​2015 ​37 ​Dynasty ​La Quinta
​Angellina Gonzales ​SS/2 ​2015 ​8 ​Lady Bruins ​Fontana
​Sally Miramontes ​C ​2015 ​8 ​D-Backs ​Coachella Valley
​Alexia Meza ​SS/3 ​2014 ​3 ​D-Backs ​La Quinta
​Taylor Stone ​C/OF ​2014 ​9 ​D-Backs ​Palm Desert
​Nayelli Ponce ​OF ​2014 ​14 ​D-Backs ​Shadow Hills
Selina-Star Padilla​ ​P/UT ​2015 ​15 ​D-Backs ​La Quinta
​Jasmin Valenzuela ​C/OF ​2015 ​18 ​Lady Bruins ​Saint Thomas Aquinas
​Thalia Cantu ​C/UT ​2015 ​99 ​Shadow Hills
​Cecelia Luna ​3/1B ​2017 ​26 ​Desert Prospects
​Ashley Oakley ​C/UT ​2015 ​12 ​D-Backs ​Indio
​Ilene Villanueva ​3/1B ​2015 ​00 ​Lady Bruins ​Jurupa Hills
​Iyana Nickleberg ​UT ​2015 ​9 ​Lady Bruins ​Redlands East Valley
​Larissa Reynoso ​OF ​2015 ​16 ​Lady Bruins ​Orange County Arts
​Isabel Villanueva ​C/3B ​2015 ​99 ​Lady Bruins ​Jurupa Hills
​Dominique Rivas ​P/SS ​2014 ​29 ​Dynasty ​La Quinta
​Jeanna Daeseleer ​3/1B ​2013 ​24 ​Burbank Fusion ​Hart
​Brenna Drake ​1B ​2013 ​29 ​Sudden Impact ​Rubidoux
​Destiny Rigney ​C/IF ​2015 ​68 ​Sudden Impact ​Rim of the World
​Maryah Cohen ​UT ​2014 ​20 ​Sudden Impact ​REV
​Cheyenne Allen ​P/OF ​2013 ​15 ​Sudden Impact ​Patriot video_camera.png

​Rikki Almanza ​3rd ​2013 ​7 Sudden Impact ​Jurupa Valley
​Ashley Jarrett ​P/1 2016​ ​Dynasty Elenora​
​Maddy Daeseleer ​OF ​2015 Hart​
​Jolene Ruiz ​OF/SS ​2014 ​1 D-Backs​ Indio​
​Aileen Pinedo ​OF/3 2014​ 7​ ​Dynasty Shadow Hills​
​Maya Pollard ​OF/3 ​2015 7​ D-Backs​ Palm Desert​
​Samantha Gutierrez ​P/IF ​2014 ​1 Dynasty​ Palm Desert​
​Ashley Carillo 3/1B​ 2013​ Dynasty​ Coachella Valley​
​Yulizza Chavez ​UT 2015​ ​13 D-Backs​ Indio​
​Onalise Rodriguez ​2/UT ​2013 ​4 D-Backs​ Indio​
​Amari Easter ​P/UT ​2016 ​42 Dynasty​ Palm Springs​
​Marina Reyes ​OF ​2016 ​35 ​D-Backs La Quinta​
​Amanda Martinez ​P/UT 2014​ ​2 D-Backs​ Indio​
Gabriela Marquez​ ​SS/2 ​2013 ​11 American Pastime​ Roosevelt​
​Trista Bures ​C/3B ​2013 ​9 American Pastime​ Diamond Ranch​
​Chelsea Phillips ​C/SS 2014​ ​5 HD Mayhem​ Barstow​
​Aleesha Rodriguez ​2/OF 2014​ 1​ HD Mayhem​ ​Barstow
​Celina Lazaro ​2/OF ​2014 ​11 HD Mayhem​ Riverside Prep​

 Showcase Game

The Showcase game will be put together inning by inning for quicker viewing - We will put the entire game together in one clip after the project is complete!
Complete 1st Inning (click above) 
video_camera.pngComplete 2nd Inning (click the camera!)
video_camera.pngComplete 3rd Inning (Click the camera)
video_camera.pngComplete 4th Inning (click the camera)
video_camera.pngComplete 5th Inning (click the camera)
video_camera.pngComplete 6th Inning (click the camera)
video_camera.pngComplete 7th Inning (click the camera)
video_camera.pngComplete 8th Inning (click the camera)


 Highlights - Video


Individual Skills Video and Highlights!!

 (posted on youtube - best viewed with google chrome as your browser) some video will be on youtube and some will be embedded to this site and page!!

Videoicon(b).pngCheyenne Allen - Patriot High School - Sudden Impact - 2013 grad - skills video