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The following is held true for all sections with waitlists available:

  • Students can add their name to a waitlist if a class is full.

  • If seats open up in the class, students on the waitlist will be enrolled automatically.

  • Students are urged to monitor and manage their waitlist ranking.

  • Students enrolled automatically from the waitlist will have 3 days to pay or will be dropped for nonpayment; prior notification of drop for non-payment is not sent.

    Students who have applied for financial aid through either the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADA) will not be dropped while their applications are being processed.

  • Students who are on the waitlist at the beginning of the term:

    • must attend the first day of class and be on time

    • If space is available, the instructor may provide you with an Add Permit Code.

    • Students must register via WebAdvisor by the last day to add the course deadline.

    • Online class "Add Permit Code" can be requested from the instructor by email.

  • Students will not be charged for units on a waitlist.

  • Waitlisted units will not count towards Financial Aid eligibility.

  • Students cannot be enrolled and will be dropped if:

    • You have not met the prerequisite at College of the Desert

    • You are enrolled in a class that overlaps/conflicts in time

    • You are enrolled in the same course, but a different section

    • You are already enrolled in 19 units for spring or fall and 7 units for summer; you must visit the Counseling Center to obtain an Overload Approval and file the approval with the Admissions Office

  • Waitlists will be closed one week prior to the beginning of the term.